Everyone Life has certain moments that may make you happy, some may kill you each and every time you remember, moments when you were completely drunk in your friend home Mumble And many more (You can add of yours). Everyone has been through this. haven’t you?

My experience visiting the Himalayas to Terai all of these moments makes me cheer up for a little While. And Those bad days in young times in a Gangsta moments tears me up For a little long While. BUT later I realize how it was important to realize Who really I was. Plays a big role in me being Myself. My days seeing this World Spiritually to my Times seeing the World as the Competition. I guess All matures the Mind as One famous philosopher said (Maturity comes up With the Experiences not from the age).

So, I try to Transform those felling within My mind through the words In terms of Blog. So that the memories\Moments of my good/Bad times stay with me for a long time for very long. Because If I will be Happy tomorrow in the future Then It may make me realize At some Moments I had cried Tooo!