Basketball diaries

Throughout all of the years playing basketball It took me everywhere to hoop. The crowded areas, the polluted one, mismanaged tournaments, remote grounds with large audience. And everywhere it did gave me complete new texture of game. Every game teaches me there’s more to learn. From Himalayas to Terai ( belt of marshy land at the foot of mountains) everywhere the ball and the ground was same the different was the passion, Love, Emotions towards the game. Every visit touches my Heart and the soul. This game is Beautiful as heaven. Isn’t it?

Every tournaments i had it’s own moments and the specialties. And the opponent has their own way to take them in the conditions. I remember not being listed on the team But the travel to watch game still continued. Followed the team each and every where Until i book my place in the team. Those times were hard but are my most closest basketball diaries. Living o the edge being the supporter of my Own college team and fan. Those National selection where i was being ripped off from the first stage still pinches me somewhere. Atmosphere in my first ever national basketball game viewing from the stand still Gives me the Goose Bumps.

Where Should I start you telling about my Experience OR so called Basketball Diaries. From the moment I touched the ball Or When I participated on my first basketball inter-school Tournaments, The days where I took No days off to get place into the team, My first game as Primerian, Missed Free-throws that cost the tournament Or My first title with the team Which was Quiet the most wonderful Run.

It’s not that I am Done now playing Basketball. I am brewing some of the experiences now too. I am participating but one things that matter the most is I’m playing. It’s not possible for me to write all of my Basketball diaries which I have experienced from 9 years Just in the small Blog. Take Time Mate Definitely Takes Time to convert all those split-second in the beautiful Words. Those unmeasured Liter of sweats need to presented welly In the mean time. So It can be Justified.

So be in Touch with me and My blog. And i would keep on Interpreting my diaries to you guys.
The guy who plays ball not for money, Dollar and the fame But For Love for the game.