नागपञ्चमि Traditional Ritual To Worship Snakes In Nepal

 If you are Nepalese you must not but should be familiar about this day. Nepal, being the Hindu nation animals are closely related to God and most of the animals are worshipped as one of them. So, different kinds of animals such as Cow, Snake, elephant, dog, and even mischievous monkeys are worshipped here by running after them.

A special thing about today is nothing but its own date. Today it is Shrawan 9 in the Nepalese calendar and if we convert the Nepali calendar system into international by google similar like converting Rupees into dollar it is 25th of July.  On this date, Nepalese celebrate their traditional old festival Nag Panchami. Let me explain to you with my same experience.

Always in Nag Panchami, In any way possible my mom wakes me up early in the morning reciting the same phrase  “You mustn’t take your own culture as a nightmare but with pride and pleasure” every year. And I agree and say okay for a while. Then in the cold atmosphere of the early morning, she forces me for self-purification (Bathing) as worshiping activities in Hinduism is unauspicious to attend without self- purification.

On this day Nag Panchami, there is a tradition where devotees put a picture of snake high above their doorway and perform puja with necessary religious items to keep off the sight evil spirits from their home. Similar to that My mom always makes me do some rituals hoping my poor soul will be enlightened in the coming days. She hands me some religious items like Cow dung, puja materials like Abir, Agabatti, dubo grass, 1 rupee coin and cow’s milk for pictured snake offering which might be weird to non-Hindus. Then after one by one, I perform the ritual under the strict supervision of my mom. Any mistake and your whole day pocket-money are cut-off.


According to my mom, the importance of Nagpanchami rituals is to calm the active snakes and discourage them from being a threat to humans during the rainy seasons when the snakes wander out of their hiding places because of the rain and floods. On this day, cobras and other snakes are fed with milk and are worshipped by lighting up lamps, decorating temples by flowers, and offering. If Nag-Panchami is observed properly every year the Nags also known as snakes provide us good health wealth and blessing during our life. 

In Nepal, Gods and other divinities are prayed with an animal by side as accompany. Every image of God accompanies one animal of different types. This animal is known as ‘वाहन’bahana’, that serves as the vehicle for god himself. These rituals also show a direct commitment to equality and love to animals in the way Hindu divinities are worshiped.

Lord Shiva

This is a wonderful example of how Gods have demonstrated Equality and friendship to animals and bird and recognized their spirit as holy as divine assistance and support.





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