Iconic Journey From Small TV To Billion-Dollar Bollywood Industry| Sushant Singh Rajput

“Mental illness almost we all have read this term in this lockdown period. But In the case of mine, I never took it seriously. Why would I? In this fast pace of life, my chivalrous mind was always looking for some entertaining stuff every second and every time. We didn’t take this problem as important until a piece of heartbreaking news,  reality hits hard in your personal life.

In Nepal and India, up to now, we all are familiar with the unbelievable news of successful Bollywood 34 aged inspiration. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput found dead in his house in Mumbai which the police have confirmed that he has died by suicide, with no ‘note’ was found from his residence.


Strange, the person who was the living inspiration for everyone was no more with us  just in a matter of moment.While Now I remember, If there is any other person of whom I witness a journey of hard work to success then it is of Sushant Singh Rajput. Starting from very small Tv-series to the billion-dollar Huge Bollywood industry. An exemplary he had set which was my mom’s first call whenever we dealt with any unexpressed problems. That’s how much we are connected with him.

I don’t know why things got so much emotional down in me and the worst part is I cannot drop it in tears. No, I simply cannot. So, I wish to express all my experience and my feeling through this Blog.  I Hope you’ll ignore all my emotional maladies and let’s
begin while I share with you one of my favorite Characters Sushant Singh Rajput paints.

Time travel back to 2008/2009 A.D. It was the time when the T.V was first introduced in my house screening thousands of programs in several languages. With the only means of entertainment, our urban middle-class family had immediate overarching consumption. My mother immense love for serials and my daddy in mom free-time
wanted us to play the news channel. Age did matter and I saw no point of getting remote access in my hand with other 2 elder brothers and one elder sister were waiting in line. So, it was obvious who had the complete rights of the TV remote. With so much nonstop different content going on Why wouldn’t it make me go insane. But very quickly I dissolved myself in all the contents my elders showed to me.


My brothers, sister, and little my father’s choice of channels were somehow sensible. But my mother preferred watching the ‘Indian series of family dramas’, especially where her favorite character dealt with the daily problems and their struggles. Most of them were Quiet insane where plot showed a range of women turning into flies and snakes seeking revenge, coming back from the dead, and women turning against women.

Amongst them, an old classic show “Pavitra Rishta” was somehow more realistic and it immediately created an emotional connection with mom and our family. There wasn’t a dull moment in Pavitra Rishta. The show follows the story of a middle-class family’s struggles through love, life, and even death. Sometimes imaginary characters on the screen life depict our own eclipsed ones. I didn’t realize then but now I think my mom identified herself with the women of mega serials. Sushant Singh’s character as Manav always has a very special place in her heart. In fact, he is more known for the household name for playing the role of Manav.


Sushant portrays Manav as a simple middle-class serious and mature character working as a mechanic while he gives up his studies to earn a living and support his family. He never thought of his happiness and his own interests but always of his duties. Manav falls in love with Archana, and after a lot of opposition, he earns a stable job, they get married over time.

For me, As I didn’t like TV serials that much but If I had to tell the best part of the whole series. It was Manav’s smile that portrays his simplicity and innocence. Yes, we have seen hundreds of actors but there was something special the way he expressed that makes even the TV-serials critics hold on the channel and watch him deliver the emotional expression beyond perfection.

The show ran on for many years and later, Sushant shifted to films, and his character was replaced by another actor. My mom reviewing old classic shows Pavitra Rishta which is now re-running on air again due to lockdown. She expresses her feeling about how she felt when Manav as Sushant was replaced by another actor. She admits the show lost the best part when Sushant left the series. Also, my mom acknowledges that she was so much happy and proud as everyone when Manav made his first Bollywood debut and immediately succeed in later career after his one of best performances in M.S Dhoni: The untold story. Sushant Singh Rajput was in fact mama’s boy to whom my mom watched and supported from the beginning of his career up to his journey to became the famous and one of the humblest actors of Bollywood.


Coming from a middle-class family and where there were things he couldn’t afford earlier to becoming one of amongst very few actors who successfully make the transition from television to movies. He will always be an inspiration for all the people out there struggling every day to leave their mark in the toughest Film industries of the world.

As he is no more with us but we can always revisit his road to success and his iconic story to become a movie star coming from a background dancer. It will never stop to inspire other aspiring actors. I remember every time I watched his M.S Dhoni: The untold story I used to pack my bags up and go in the field to pursue my dream. It was so much emotionally connected and inspiring.

Sushant Singh Rajput was always true to his character, every time he delivered his best no matter the size of the screen and format overtime changed. He seemed like a happy and lucky person from outside but who knew inside he was breaking down and battling months of hidden depression.

From the view of normal beings, it’s everyone’s dream switching off the sudden lifestyle to deluxe apartments. But we never realize. Actors also must have some desire to do something else before their time runs out, but more often than not, it’s just too little, too late; they are caught in the maze of the tough industry with an almost unescapable exit.


Definitely, Work would’ve provided people with a sense of purpose and routine. But Now due to lockdown it is turning difficult to cope with irregular changes lend by COVID-19 and others. It is resulting in increasing mental health state and significant self-harm and an increase in completed suicides. People with no history of mental illness are developing serious psychological problems for the first time as a result of the lockdown, amid growing stresses over isolation, job insecurity, relationship breakdown, and others. In this difficult time, We need to not just make relationships but also constantly nurture them.


Today I realize despite living in the noisiest together place there are also our beloved ones who are going through the difficult time within. And how in the midst and individual busyness we forget to interact and share life.

I think This is the wake-up call for everyone to protect our loved ones in any way we can.

If you know someone who’s depressed please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straight forward response to a bad situation: depression just is like the weather.  

May you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you.

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