Origami: How to make Iris- Reblog

Just Today, I realize how much outdated I was to discover completely new Reblog option and it’s use.

So, Without wasting any time and Recording my very own Blogging discovery in golden characters. Here it goes my first Reblogged post.

Reblogged from Little Japan Dictionary,(折り紙: 菖蒲の作り方 – Origami: How to make Iris

(Little Japan Dictionary is one of my favorite websites: Author Ayamochi blogs so many wonderful, uplifting stories of wisdom and useful knowledge about Japan on everyday basis. Her blog are widespread culture of Japan, it’s tradition, lifestyles and histories little by little to understand actual Japan. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading her writing and all sorts of other things!)

Yes, Looking Underneath image. You might’ve felt Everyone can make one. But let me inform all the rookie papercraft workers. It is almost backbreaking to create one and I suggest only to try this Japanese Iris under strict supervision of your elder ones. Otherwise, your surrounding might get in scarcity of papers.

irisWords are simply just not enough to describe how much hard I’ve worked to make this  unperfect Iris. Momentarily I tried to give up. But then there are words of author that lifts you up. and you think, “ok it’s hard but it’s worth the shot”

And It won’t satisfy my heart, body, and soul If I don’t share this with you beautiful peoples. 

I know very little excellent bloggers come across my blogging world.
As you have come, I dare you to click the link Of Little Japan Dictionary any how and make one Japanese Iris (Link provides east step by step tutorial by author)
And I hope more will join in with a post.

Again don’t forget to link Little Japan Dictionary.
Happy Journey.

Don’t stare Just click. You are just one step away to explore Japan.

25th May – 皐月 Probably some people might know how to make a bird crane with Origami, so I would like to teach you other things to create with Origami, which is one of my hobbies – today’s one is Iris (菖蒲 Ayame/ also can be pronounced as Shoubu). May is the season for Ayame, […]

via 折り紙: 菖蒲の作り方 – Origami: How to make Iris — Little Japan Dictionary

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