Meeting Current Nepal Cricket Captain| Gyanendra Malla

Its 59th day of quarantine and Nepal has just extended its lock-down as COVID-19 cases are increasing every day. With good grace, Blogging has been my only excuse to break out from the current Global difficulty to open roads of thought and reminiscence of memory.

As always, I take myself to the sweetest memory lane and travel just two years back from this time. When I had an opportunity to meet a few contributing people from different fields and scenery of Nepal. (Check out my blog meeting Nepal Rockstar Swapnil Sharma). And here I am again to cover-up meeting one of the best Sportsmen in Nepal!

You know which’s the most beautiful part of sports?
It’s When the star-athletics allows a fan to interact giving them a personal moment to remember for the rest of their life. And that’s the best part of living as well. As Living is all about Going through uncertainties. Sometimes even this tough world gives you a minute of your lifetime which just boozes you with a motivation to deal with upcoming challenges. Yes, Sometimes a tiny spark of cheeriness lightens the whole cloud space of darkness.

So, This blog is me meeting One of Nepal’s most dependable batsmen who dealt with every hard overs with just comfortable and easiness. An important member of the National Cricket team from very first contributing Nepal historic sports successes.

And this is also a response post to  Rejoy Dey(Click and check out his blogs) as he showed me some strong urge to know about the Nepal Cricket scenario. Let’s Go and make this Blogging community even bigger. Let’s Begin.

Back to old summer days in Kathmandu, Nepal. (I don’t remember the exact date so summer days is for excuse). I was at the end year of Highschool Where every day was to attend boring school days. Education was expensive to collect and just one break for the whole week wasn’t enough to deal with educational stress.  Saturday wasn’t just enough. (In Nepal Saturday is a day of rest)
I took a school-day off to volunteer Samriddhi school as they hosted basketball tournaments along with attractive scholarship offers for well-deserving athletics. It was indeed a complete exposure for students and I was glad I was part of it. Thanks, Bikash sir for an opportunity.


A board in the stand along with duster, marker in my hand. I was given the job to livescore the running game updates. It was a hard job and at the same point, I am kind of a person who gets nervous easily. Upsettingly, the game had to be stopped in the middle as the coaches of the team were unsatisfied with running-score that I had updated. Damn! It was a hell of a disaster. Even I was accused of siding with other teams whose faces were completely new and unique to me. They protested saying I favored others to win, favored like their opponent sister had anything to do with me. Sometimes one mistake can lead you to a hundred of the allegation.

Gladly, everyone calmed down. Everyone talked for a bit and all the confusion was solved. Actually, It was a mistake of the officials who tallied differents scores in scoresheet compared to one I had updated on board. I was right at first but later I had to change the scores according to official scoresheet which might’ve to lead the explosion of confusion at the end of the day. (non-basketball player if you are still confused. contact me and I will clear all this mess. I got enough time due to lockdown days. Justice for all)

It was hell 10 minutes of 3V3 basketball and at the top of that, it was a sunny day with the burning atmosphere. It couldn’t have gone the worst. The final was played and the tournament was over giving me some break for air. My feet were all set in the direction to go home. I was on my way, I heard Gyanendra Malla, Vice-captain of National Cricket team was tournaments guest of honor. He was there to congratulate the champions with trophies and scholarships.


The star reminded me of Nepal’s rapid cricket growth. Gyanendra Malla takes me back to November 27, 2013, It was a historic evening at United Arab Emirates cricket stadium. Nepal Cricket team was playing against Hongkong witnessed by hundreds of Nepalese fans. An Important match it was one win would ensure Nepal spot in ICC World Twenty20 which was to held in Bangladesh 2014.


Chasing 144 targets, Nepal elite batsman Sharad Vesawkar’s was on the line of batting end looking for 1 run with thrilling last ball to throw deciding the game. Everyone on and off the pitch was on their fit setting the teammates with 30 million people world were watching it. Hong Kong bowls the last ball and Vesawkar’s powerful strike delivered the most important victory in Nepal’s sporting history. The greatest moment for all Nepalese and was the real beginning of cricket for the Himalayan country.

The following march of 2014 in Bangladesh ICC World Twenty20. Nepal cricket teams and fans recorded the massive showing during the whole tournament. Giving exceptional debut performance defeating Hong Kong and Afganistan. Nepal’s world cup journey was later over after Nepal lost against host Bangladesh.
With two wins out of three, Nepal couldn’t qualify for the next round, only to miss out via net run-rate with Bangladesh qualified to the next stage.

That performance at the international championship in a team sport marks one of Nepal’s biggest achievements in its sporting history. The fans responded by going to city squares and wherever they could to catch a glimpse of the action, to follow the game. When the players returned back from the tournament, the home crowd took this loss as the biggest win. It wasn’t the case before, but cricket was now Nepal’s top sports priority.

Coming back to my Volunteering at Samridhi school. One of the members, the legend of Nepal sports was right there in front of my eye. Away from Virtual television, I could feel his presence. And why the hell was I marching home? Just because I was a bit tired and hungry. Though I am skinny in real life even I ate something at that time it wouldn’t make any difference in this tiny body. If I let go of this time, In the coming days, it will turn my days even more miserable. I can’t let this inch of hunger make me cry in future days. No never. I stayed.

I didn’t care if the burning atmosphere turned me a little darker and sweatier. I waited until the crowd was back to normal. After concluding the closing ceremony of tournament Gyanendra Malla left for school premises from crowd craziness. I calmed my eagerness because I had all the chance to meet him as being a volunteer is School’s all yours. I followed him till he reached the premises and when the atmosphere was more calm and peaceful.

I approached towards him and asked,सर, मलाई तपाईको अटोग्राफ ” which translates “Sir, Autograph, please”. I can tell, He was happy to hear these words because most of the people there didn’t test their guts to talk with him. But I wasn’t along with those people who stop themselves because of their proudness and shyness. I grab and sealed the moment. Gyanendra Malla smiled big looking at me and I shivered. Nervously I grab my diary from my bag and from my hand he filled it with words of incredibility and words of motivation.

My first ever Autograph. Thank You!

Gyanendra Malla asked my name, which Stuttering I answered,” Akash, आकाश”. I remember he had to ask twice to get the correct one. (Yes, I’ve got a little habit of stuttering). And it becomes more intense when I am with big peoples who had their golden names written in Nepal cricket history. 
They said simple living high thinking. I was living that way. Sadly I didn’t have any phone to capture the moment. I talked to oneself satisfying,” Diary is enough”. As there was no way, I was going to have a picture. But later I found out. Binayak dai had clicked the few shots of Gyanendra Malla signing my diary which I was unaware of. It was a complete surprise. Later he showed me send me some photos. Binayak dai Many many thanks for your kindness. Thanks for feeling the atmosphere and quickly clicking it. It’s stored as one of the most important moments of my life. Thank you!


Many Many thanks And also to all Nepal cricket members of 2014. Their enthusiasm, their keenness to learn, improve, and grow took the cricket far away to an unimaginable stage compared to those days. Talking about the current situation. Cricket is taken more than a sport in Nepal. Plywood bat and woolen balls were slowly taking the form of professional equipment and young Nepalese had already thought of a dream to play for team Nepal representing in World cricket events.
Cricket is one of unifying moments for country citizens where record crowd turned up to cheer its home team whenever an international cricket match is played in capital Kathmandu.


The 2014 Nepal team achievement was true as an example as more parents were taking their kids to cricket academies. The future of Nepal was even bright when Nepal crickets produced the youngest Star Sandeep Lamichhane putting Nepal on the world cricket radar. Sandeep Lamichhane was first Nepalese cricketer to play in biggest cricket league IPL who astonished the cricketing world coming from Nepal and
took the first wicket in his debut IPL game.

IPL T20 2019- DC vs  KKR

Hence, that’s a little story of Nepal cricket and it’s an incredible achievement. Coming back to the concerned topic that’s me meeting the humble side of Gyanendra away from his hard striking nature. I was totally unaware that day I was to meet the finest batsman Nepal ever produced. Sometimes a day off from daily routines give you a complete chance to witness something new.

Before Gyanendra Malla our very own Paras khadka was in charge and captain of a cricket team. Later, Just a few months back Paras khadka passed the torch of greatness to Gyanendra Malla. Now Gyanendra Malla holds captaincy and has the challenge to take Nepalese cricket to complete a new level as the expectation from a fan of Nepal is too high. I even texted him on his Facebook fan page. Sadly I didn’t get any reply but no problem. I didn’t miss the golden chance to meet him in real life.

Though 2014 achievements were big for Nepal. But Some expert says that this performance from Nepal will, like other subcontinental teams that were once where it is now—Sri Lanka in the 1970s and early 1980s, Bangladesh in the 1990s and 2000s—
eventually, make it to the big league. In the last one-and-a-half year’s government help has been massive for its development. But still, it is struggling over years from multiple crises, infrastructure development, and no-confidence motion from CAN’S president. To have a Nepali spirit in-game, a stadium and infrastructure the team can call its own are very essential. and players can’t always play Tribhuvan University ground as it’s the only Nepal field in the country. If the right support and economic help have to filter down on the right places and right people the national team can compete at the highest level of the game. Cricket can also flourish in this country and one-day Team Nepal can be recognized as tougher upcoming sides to beat in international cricket.

Whether it’s about getting high-five from a player, receiving some photos or autographs here is my most awesome time meeting Gyanendra Malla who rescued Nepal cricket uncountable times. That’s it. A little suggestion for you people since you have been holding on this blog for so long. DON’T MISS ANY OPPORTUNITY. Keep the habit of YES THEORY! who knows the golden opportunity might just pass by your sides anytime. You should be aware you don’t let it miss. Catch It.
So, Mr. Gyanendra. Best wishes for your new challenge. Alongside standing with players we Nepalese fans will be always there cheering Team Nepal.

Till Next time Bye and don’t forget to Like, comment, and follow!
Don’t feel shy to share. You ain’t doing nothing wrong.

Share your own story of Meeting a Sportsman.
Believe me, It will just add a little glitter of happiness in this lockdown days!

6 thoughts on “Meeting Current Nepal Cricket Captain| Gyanendra Malla

    1. It’s a long, century-old border issue between Nepal and India which was mapped by British India in 1816-1860 A.D.
      But now the situation’s under peace while both sides India and Nepal have decided to sit down and talk diplomatically on the unsolved border issues of two-nation which was going for hundreds of years.
      Talking about our Relationship we both side India and Nepal always have a very strong bond and it will continue. But Now we Nepalese believe some uncertain topics which roots constant debate between the two countries’ relationship must be solved over time.


      1. Yes, All Nepalese wish the same. And I don’t think ever India and Nepal will end up in war.
        And nothing I can do but pray for India on it’s issue with china. In-fact people in Nepal here are also protesting against china interfering activity with India.


      2. India and Nepal are sisters. So, I am glad they are not fighting each other. China needs to stop imperialism. I heard that China is interfering with Nepal’s politics and making the peaceful country have a conflict against India.
        I hope everything ends up well.

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      3. Yes,
        Nepalese Politician is always found fishy and some rumors of China interfering Nepal news is spreading around the country.
        I hope this doesn’t affect our two-nation friendship.


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