Meeting Famous Nepal Rockstar| Swapnil Sharma| Shadows Nepal

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Imagine if you’ve got very few achievements and special moments in life. What you do? I don’t know about you. But in case of mine, I talk about it time and again. Reliving and remembering those never-ending days.

 This is the 54th day of Lock-down in Nepal. Along with you people, I am here with Nothing to do due to this transmission thing. Like always my empty mind goes through past days. And suddenly hundreds of moments hits my inner head (What you call brain).

Oh! How can I forget in my 20 years living journey. I once met the Vocalist Of Shadows Nepal/ Swapnil Sharma. whose hard Vocals had a huge impact on today’s Nepal Rock and Roll.  It is not every day that you meet the one of the best Rock And Roll front-man of Nepal. Damn! Why don’t I cover my journey of meeting this guy who is famous for his stage presence, lyrics, hard rock style, and …….. his striking hunky look.
So,  this is my first time meeting Nepal rock-star in the center of Rock and Roll Kathmandu Purple Haze(Click here to know more about Purple Haze).  Let’s Rock and Roll!


Back to normal days escaping this strict Quarantine. Where We all used to be a free bird who could fly wherever we want. My brother Prakash was back for some holidays bringing old entertaining and fun days. And you know What’s the best part of his arrival. He came along with guests all the way from Italy her name is Battistina Caprigleone. So, Battistina Caprigleone if your reading this. I have one question for you. Have you ever thought in your whole life you will get a chance to get a mention in AKASHNEPALIBLOGS?
Kidding relax and go ahead. You have the whole blog post to cover up!

It was March 14 Prakash dai (dai =brother, not gonna repeat) invited our family for lunch and at the same time to teach Battistina to make some Rotis. We did teach her and eventually, everything was all set to eat(actually my mom instructed her but what it goes if I add me as well). It was a heavy and tasty lunch. My stomach was full and our belly had enlarged. Yes, we had to release some stress. They said good words approach after a tasty lunch. It did happen. To release some air, my brother speaks some magic words that don’t usually come from his fat mouth. (आज purple haze जाउ न त) Which translates Let’s visit purple haze at night. 


I desperately wanted to go purple haze. But Nobody Wants to reply quick yes, some sort of ego presses the desire. But I said Yes within the moment. Because Things work differently with us. One No Means No. He doesn’t have the habit of Repeating another time. Say yes you get a chance to go, say no,  to one golden opportunity you blow.

At sharp 9:30 pm, I left my room arguing a bit with my mom. Mom loathes my taste of music. As she refuses to believe that the kid can have the proper manners and still listen to Rock-and-Roll. Of-course Parents’ preference for music is long forgotten by teenagers who are constantly looking for something new.
Anyway, I walked through the cobbled street of Thamel with bit nervousness. And someone Pat’s hard on my back. It was my brother mummering Chin up Kid (आफ्नै देश हो ।) which means this is our own country what you are scared of. Yes, what was I scared of?
Then I don’t know how patriotic feeling aroused in me screaming inside, “let’s save this country from intruders and encroachments”. But that was different excitement off that scenario. We were going to the rock bar to enjoy not to fight on the border. Strange How sometimes the mind works!

Purple Haze-Rockbar Thamel, Kathmandu

We reached the door. Heavy music playing on stage and people shaking in their own way (Strange way). Brother booked our place in the first seat. Which he proudly believes it gives the perfect view of the stage. Whereas at the same time, you don’t need to hustle to dance when music is at best and you wanna lose yourself. Wow! What an idea, what a concept. Let me tell you brother was always intelligent since childhood days.

My peoples.

80’s hits on the background. I want to break free from Queen which takes my daily stressed Work-life mind to a free state. Yeah, Free state. So quick I was dissolved in its atmosphere looking at up, side, down. Well, everything was all set. Wait! I spot someone. I remember I didn’t move an eyelash and kept giving a dead stare.

GOD! He was Swapnil Sharma. He noticed my death stare. I believe he thought just another Ugly Fanboy. If it was a girl that might give him another impression. But who cares. Brother slaps me, Lil hard and brings me back to reality. “Hey don’t stare like that, Yes he is from shadows Nepal, you’ll make fun of us!” He bolstered with words at me. If I didn’t know the manner and how to behave. These senior peoples always try to depress the little one.
But I was all in. Some staff were laughing at me looking over my excitement. Again I say I didn’t care. I was all absorbed at that moment.

 Like, everyone, I needed a picture. I said my brother” let’s go and get one picture before he goes away and vanishes somewhere”. But my brother constantly denied telling Swapnil won’t go anywhere Relax!(यो यताको साउ हो सबौ बन्द गरेर, शतर लगायेर मात्र घर जानछ।) This translates he is the owner of this place he only goes home after cleaning all messed up places, closing the shutter of Purple haze. That was rude.
But My eyes were all up to him for the whole time. Music we can hear whenever we want but this guy isn’t the one to miss. So, I didn’t put my eyes off him even when he was in the Toilet. That’s the real dedication but My brother didn’t see that in my eye. Constantly I was mumbling let’s click one shot and finish all this off. But he was tough enough denying Later, Later I said later. When later after they pass over. Stupid and such a reckless he is.

It was enough I grab Battistina’s phone though we didn’t have good camera Quality, ran 10 seconds of the journey, and reached the destination. Within the second I was in front of him. I tried so hard not to let slip the sentence I had imagined saying to him. But instead, I awkwardly managed to mumble a quick “दाई एक फोटो” which translates Brother one picture. Maybe he replied something which now escapes my memory. Swapnil was quite drunk I guess but it didn’t bother him. Such a humble person he was. Swapnil said, of course, why not and took a camera from my nervous hand and with Oppo Reno 2 16 megapixel front camera. He clicked the photo (DAMN! RENO 2 SHOWER ME SOME LOVE AND MONEY WILL BE NO PROBLEM. I’M PROMOTING YOU FOR FREE). The click you can see down here.


I wasn’t done there. I had another demand. Then Swapnil gave me the look of what you want and need from me now. I said (एउटा अरको फेवर गर्दिनुस न!  अतोग्राफ|) Which translates brother can you do me one more favor I need autograph too. Wow! I discovered strange myself when you are surrounded by big people automatically the big and professional English words come from your mouth which never comes standing against your wasted friends. Only harsh words come in front of them!
He said sure, shockingly looking at me. Seriously, who in today’s world wants the autograph when everything is captured in-camera. I am proud of myself in this thing, and smart too. One for the social media world and another for personal satisfaction. A classic guy with modern fusion I was. He humbly signed.


You can see it in his autograph. He gave his Personal signature that often artists do. He wrote thanks for your support Akash with Shadows Nepal at last. That’s the best part of being in the band. Your band is the family and being part of this you have the responsibility of representing the team rather than you alone. The whole purple haze once froze and looked at us. That was a special moment.

Widening my little chest I return to my seat. Indeed we two were the center of attraction. And after that, every song they played was simply perfect. Yes, Sometimes happiness creates the surrounding charming itself.

At 11:30 pm we left the place walking through the dark side of Thamel Purple Haze. That day I witnessed not only Swapnil Sharma but also our current Rock scenario of  Nepal. How in the midst of time, we feel so proud to respect an artist. They deserve some words from their fan and a shot of excitement. So an artist can move ahead with a good vibe and produce some chill music.
My views are simple. If you ever get a chance to witness any contributing artist anywhere at least you should encourage yourself to stand in front of them and talk a little bit. Anything maybe clicks one two-shot so they can move ahead of their own journey and releasing some stress from daily difficulties.
If an artist can inspire us, Why can’t we inspire them as well?

Thamel, Kathmandu

Enough talk! Concluding, this was my day meeting a member of Shadows Nepal contributing band of Rock and Roll Nepal since 1997 A.D. (Click to visit their music)
Since You’ve been reading this piece till the end. I gotta little surprise for you and as they say a little spoiler.
Next time I am planning to blog meeting Gyanendra Malla ( Current Nepal cricket Team Captain). Yes, I had a chance to meet him once.

So till Next time Bye and don’t forget to Like comment follow!
Don’t feel shy to share. You ain’t doing nothing wrong.

Share your own story of Meeting an Artist. Believe me, It will make you feel Good!

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