Nepalese Music Fights against India Encroachment


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Yes, I mightn’t get all the English translation right. But I hope from this try I was able to give some meaning. Anyway, let’s move ahead from imperfection to the concerned topic. In Nepal बारीको कान्लो now is mostly played song in most of Nepali television channels. Up to this time, बारीको कान्लो has taken the form of a protest song against India dominance. It’s lyrics clearly illustrates the current situation of south-east Asian country which shares a border with India and China. Where Nepal is not only dealing with an increasing number of COVID-19 cases but also fighting against border disputes with India. The decades of India suppression and their increasing territory encroachment.

Before beginning, I confess that I might not have any knowledge of advanced political studies and cases. But standing along with 30 million people. Today I am here to speak from my heart. It’s my view of looking the border dispute between two countries  where everyday the inch of our native land is in danger of Indian encroachment. Encroachment by same country to whom we share hundred of Nepalese soldiers for their defense. Hence, The unstable and powerless country is always in danger of upper-power dominance. Strange how sometimes nature beautiful landmasses can be a blessing and a curse as well.

Nepal is surrounded by India from 3 sides South, East, West, and China in the Northern part. As most of Nepal borders with China share the Himalayan range. Maybe that was the reason China isn’t able to do much harm expect lamely shouting Everest is theirs. But Things work differently with India where open border and plain area of Terai, lights constant debate between two Hindu Nation.

Plot of D:pol map nov19POL_MAP_4M_FINAL_08 08 19polengfinala
Kalapani Lipulekh Border

25 districts of Nepal shares border with India amongst them 21 districts of 54 places have a problem facing territory violation from India. Where hundreds of borders pillars are being frequently shifted and often found missed by Nepalese Authority. Known as friendly neighbors haven’t stopped our territory encroachment yet.

Currently Lupilekh- Kalapani has come to become the most debatable border issue. Kalapani Lipulekh is a tri-junction between Nepal, India, and China. India released a map incorporating the disputed territory of Kalapani and later inaugurated a road through the controversial territory which Nepal claims of it’s own and later lead national outrage in Nepal.The Lipulekh pass also serves a strategic importance for India as a key point to monitor Chinese troop movement and also the new road will facilitate the movement of pilgrims to Kailash-Mansarovar, significantly cutting down the duration of the journey. The Government of Nepal has been in denial of the new map issued by India and has been assuring to resolve the matter. But the Indian side has not responded yet.


Border debate isn’t the only problem we Nepalese are facing from India. How can the world forget the economic crisis by India to Nepal in 2015. When the country had just face the natural disaster of a 7.8 magnitude scale earthquake. Later, the Indian side imposed an undeclared blockade of economic crisis disapproving the country’s new-formed constitution demanding specific changes. The whole country fell a shortage of fuel, cooking gas, medicines, and other supplies where millions of Nepalese starved. It doesn’t stop there. Every monsoon season, locals of the Terai region worry about flood water diverted from barrages, dams, and embankments constructed by India. Destroying fellow Nepalese land and other property washing away hundreds of Nepal homes. Moreover, security problems are created with hundreds of crimes rate are increasing in border day by day which nakedly shows India and its dominance.


The border problem is a very sensitive issue now. As Nepal has requested a number of times to discuss and stop the border encroachment. Yet, India has always ignore. Due to it, Nepal is facing the territory encroachment problem. But,  We shouldn’t put such an issue in shadow rather than clearing it. If encroachment continues at the current rate the nation will be under serious threat of its existence in the near future. Millions of people will soon lose their nationality.

Political leaders must pay special attention to these issues and should put their national unity up their powers and post. This border dispute between the two countries should be solved by dialogue or any way possible. If there is a need for the third country as a mediator for the dispute, we should be ready to ask for help. If we could not be able to solve the problem in this way, we should ask for the help of the United Nations Organization. Yet, if the problem could not solve, at last, we should be ready to go to an International court.

From all the fields if it is possible we need to look for its solutions and stand strong against Indian oppression. We mustn’t let these issues hamper our social culture and our nationality. As Nepali citizen in U.S.A had shown their strong urge and protest against the India supremacy far 12,725 km away. Simply like this, If we easily our land to encroaching our value and our nationality will encroach forever too.
Hence, the border issue should be solved as soon as possible.

Nepalis In U.S protest against India encroachment.

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