Growing Around World Magnificence And It’s Incredible Heritage

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Its 47th day of lockdown in Nepal and every day are turning a bit lousier. We all are stuck in this rectangular sized room following daily drill EAT, SLEEP, REST, and REPEAT. Luckily, I’ve found my way out to escape this hyper boredom. A solution to recount my old golden and exciting childhood days. An unexpressed privilege of growing aside evergreen, exciting Nepal’s cultural and world magnificence.

Today, As of March 9 I dare to take myself through every corner which embraced my Childhood with more love, beauty, and more happiness. Escaping this tough modernization, far away to boyhood where every day was to experience something new something different and something else. Without further wasting our time. Let’s go and discover journey of just a kid from Nepal raised somewhere in southeast Asia.


I grew up in a multi-religion, multi-culture nation where almost every street had a temple, shrine with its enrich history to share. You know what was part of growing there? Whether you want it or not you were always engaged in their tiny happiness. I was indeed one amongst 30 million people who drew sacred Hindu, Buddhist sites giving the whole world and tourist some sense of importance. From very early age this kid was part of country which represented world highest peak simply being a simple citizen. My existence did matter.


As Nepal is a land of a hundred festivals where every day is a celebration for one’s culture respected by each other. Amongst them, Budha Jayanti was one of my favorite festival. We lived just 10 min far away from Swayambhunath (Holy Buddhist Architecture). Maybe that was the reason we were so much connected to Buddha Jayanti. It was one of my best vacations back then. Not only because of it’s peaceful nature, neither of bunch old monks chanting a mantra. But Because we knew every street where the Juicy prasad in those festival leads. It always feels good to be know-all.

free Juice distribution

Buddha Jayanti is celebrated in the hot atmosphere of summer when your mouth gets dry every time wishing juicy liquids. Excitingly, the birthday of Gautam buddha and Swayambhunath had got us all sorted and satisfied even our stupid thirst or hunger. This holy occasion distributed free juice prepared using drink-mix dissolved in purified water. which tasted damn good than any expensive ice cream flavors.

I remember We used to drink juices over our limit and lineup with mass people hoping to enter the washroom to release relief. Some people even used to escape the jungle side with uncontrollable pain. Simply you never get enough of prasad. Why not if it is prepared with a lot of love and bit a blissful flavor from the lord himself.


But prasad wasn’t the only sweets that bloomed my adventurous childhood. Swayambhunath’s long staircase also tested our real toughness. Adding up solid experience with crazy monkeys that might lead up unimaginable accidents in broad sunny days. Still these dangers didn’t affect our boldness. Uncountable times we ran up and down the stairs of Swayambhunath each time with the same fear of falling down. But every time we made it to the top it gave us a soothing view of Kathmandu Which never disappointed. The holy stupa never upseted me with the wind passing side by my face. A calm and peaceful Swayambhunath and down there strong paced noisy place where Nepalese family existed.


Back then Swayambhunath wasn’t the only palace of spirituality. In that calm atmosphere, there also lived a mass group of everyone favorite. A large group of monkeys along with their crazy act which hardly left anyone depressed. Always making up the headline and new monkey crime story Local had to share. The spirit created by past ancestors was absolutely insane.


And How can I forget the Golden statue of Gautam Buddha in the middle of a small pool, used as a wishing well. Where we blindly threw all our month saving, trying to get them into the small pot. An ancient belief if coin goes in one wish was to get fulfilled. Nonsense I say if that was true I wouldn’t be blogging here. I may have enjoyed the luxury that the richest man on earth even dared. It was just a waste of time and money. You came rich but at the end of the day, you go home getting poor and wasted. But the danger didn’t stop there. Returning home you need to prepare the strong defense statement to tell father who had a stick in his hand. “Your Honour the money was well spent.”


Never mind. What it goes if we were beaten up. The best part was in that place We explored almost everything. Starting from enlighted bodhi to angry ones. Some had peaceful messages, love to share whereas some screamed at us and followed till dawn. Luckily we escaped!

We raced each other with all passion and determination spinning the wheel of peace.  Spinning so hard some wheels were broken and even some parts fell down on the streets.
Yes, Happiness comes up with a great cost.


Apart from our stupid sin. Swayambhunath was also always the best spot to gain immediate peace from daily lifestyle stress. Buddha Jayanti was a special occasion where Family visited together teaching their children’s basic teaching of Buddha. Peaceful Jhyali music which was just enough to calm yourself escaping old crime stories and cruelty the world constantly faced.

I had almost the best time of my life. This digitalized world might never be able to capture the best moments without a fancy camera but back then we didn’t even needed. Our eyes were the lenses and the mind was storage. Storage of our strong memory. An emotion unmeasurable in format of any KB, MB, and even T.B. A complete cloud space of Happiness. Whenever and wherever I remember never fail to bring an inch of  smile in my face.

Golden statue of Buddha and the World Peace Pond at Monkey temple Swayambhunath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal. Local vendor exchanging money to coins at the entrance of

Life’s a race. With an inch of a second, it kicks and ends in no time. My childhood days were just like that. It begin from my early days when I was immature and ended up which I refuse to remember. Indeed I was lucky to grow up during the time when religious, cultural, social values were interconnected with the life of the country’s citizens. Beautiful times where You felt secure because you know where you came from. The residents belief and struggles which made nation better place for the next generation.


Talking about the present situation of my country. Nepal is going through a rapid trend of foreign employment which provides promising opportunities. As Western country’s lavish lifestyle are approaching hundred of people which they say a golden opportunity to escape a poor developing country. I don’t know if I can forever live here or might land over some other countries. But I will always be grateful to have my half of life spent in this beautiful place.

I guess it’s time to conclude. So, These are the small and dearest part of my childhood growing around the southeast part of Asia also known as the country of Mount Everest. It’s Strange how sometimes simple writing becomes so emotionally connected with your moments which we hardly ever express. Glad I wrote all my experiences.


I hope from this post I was able to teach a little thing about my country. This is my story living with 30 million people residing in its tiny boundary. Thanks for reading!

Undoubtedly, we all go through happy childhood days and it’s unforgettable memories.
So why not share it with hundreds of peoples?
Share your childhood story!

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