Revolutionary Melodies Against Rana Regime| Ranu Devi

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Everyone is born free, equal in rights, and dignity. Whenever Injustice, inequality tried to suppress over sovereignty. Revolt fought back no matter if pain reaches its limit. They stand strong singing the song of Justice and Equality.
Yes, We have experienced a long history of riots and people’s protests to get their rights back or maybe for different reasons. In order to fuel the protest up and to grab opposing attention. Revolutionary music has always been protester’s first call.

Revolutionary songs are politically charged, topical songs taking issue with the government, aimed at injustices faced by marginalized groups or country citizens.  A Protest in musical forms is a proven effective and essential medium to release frustration, human emotion to rally against iniquity. With large artistical support, it’s invincible affection of notes roared in almost unreachable locations chanting words of freedom.

Nepal a south-east Asian country too witnessed different musical melodies on its road to democracy. The songs like गाउँ गाउँ बाट उठ, बस्ती बस्ती बाट उठ, यो देश्को मुहार फेर्ने लाई उठ । (Wake up to bring the change),कोइ त भने जहाज मा हरर, कोइ त भने पसिना तरर, हाम्रो नेपाल मा (Some fly in planes where some sweat in fields in our country) are written in the golden words of Nepalese literature history followed by the victory of revolt against cruelty.

Today, As of this Lock-down time I take a moment to rememberThe first radio singer of Nepal”. Whose perfect vocals not only powered the democratic words but also empowered the great martyrs of the nation. It is a journey of an artist and her musical fight against 104 years old dominant Rana Regime.
Ranu Devi Adhikari ( 1993- 2077 B.S)


Elder Renu Devi
Ranu Devi Adhikari


आज देश्को क्रन्ती युद्धमा हाम्रो एक प्रकाश होस्
लदालद्दै मरे मरौला यो येउता नै नरा होस् ।

Born in Birgunj Nepal, Renu Devi spent most of her childhood in the spiritual land of Varanasi, India. Her father was not only a music lover but also a strong Rana’s Critic. So, how not she be inspired by her father to sing a song. Followed by her marriage she started her professional musical journey at the age of 16. As she was surrounded by strong political family Ranu was highly supported by his members despite in that era, a singing career was not taken positively. It was indeed a bold step taken by Ranu Devi Adhikari to take her passions further.

As of 2006, B.Swhen Nation was going through turbulent times to overthrow the Rana regime.  Ranu Devi recorder her first song on radio “नेपाली अघि बध हतमा क्रान्ति झणडालि।”. And in the meantime, Nepal finds it’s first-ever Nepali singer to sing on Radio. Her song encouraged Nepalese to fight for their rights by participating in the movement for democracy against a powerful Rana regime. These protest tunes were frequent air played in the Nepal Prajatantra Radio receiving positive reviews from listeners which she even says motivated her to sing.

Under 104 years of ruthless Rana rule, citizens were harshly treated by the dominant force. Rana took over Public freedom and took over strong control of their education as they fear education might turn them into revolt. Education was only provided to the Upper class at those times. While continuous wars take place against them finally, In 2007 B.S merciless, autocratic rule finally, come to an end. Nepali Congress, citizen along with armed force who actively participated in a protest against Rana’s The country finished the root of Rana’s hatred and distaste system establishing democracy in cost of many lives.

Ranu Devi is One of the successors and her artistic journey plays a major role in Nepalese long-fought victory. It is believed Once she was even approached to sing for a Bollywood movie by the well-known musician S. N Tripathi and was offered to sing Nepali songs on a radio station in Delhi which used to also operate Nepali programs. But due to her hectic schedules in school and her dedication to her profession she put down both offers. She continued her teaching journey for 25 years in Adarsha Balika Bidhyala, Biratnagar, and spend her other most of her time with her 3 beautiful children.

Ranu Devi revolutionary, Patriotic, and nationality songs to fight against the brutal Rana Reign always encourages the artist to bring the best of them. Although Ranu Devi Adhikari is no more with us her name and her contribution will always be written on Golden letters of Nepalese Literature.

उठे नेपाली जागे नेपाली- Ranu Adhikari.


Revolutionary songs often serve to glorify revolution and present an image of unity against illness of society. These protest songs are already part of history, strengthen civil rights movement overtime targeted to various governments. Deeply connected with human emotion people are often singing it after centuries to remember the old glory days. Whereas, the Future of this form of music catches on or succeeds depends upon the hands of modern people.


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