Best of Irrfan Khan| The Lunchbox

On Broad evening of 29th April 2020, the finest gem of the Bollywood industry begins his new phase of life after death. But Irrfan Khan’s legacy doesn’t end up there. An Iconic star Portraited in hundred of roles pleasures the cinematic world leaving every person one of his best characters to remember. This blog is my favorite Irrfan khan movie where life’s happiness embarks in a person’s loneliness. Here I try to write and at the same time experience the best of Irrfan Khan.

The Lunchbox sketches Irrfan khan as Sajjan Fernandez a widower who dwells on old memories and social distant himself since the death of his wife.  The story of two strangers follows when Mumbai-dabbawalas (a complicated picks up and delivery system) unwillingly mixed-up lunch delivery which later creates curious consequences on two people’s life. Lunchbox binds him with Ila who tries to put back into her marriage, one of which is to cook delicious launches for his husband mistakenly reaches Sajjan. They share small scribbled notes exchanging the messages back and forth with the lunches which ignite a bond between two unhappy beings. Ila confesses how unhappy her marriage was as they share memories and events of their own individual lives. And story progress illustrating how love transforms between two unlikeliest of people.

The film pumped cinemas of India in 2013 September 20 astonishing Box office by 17.24 million with only a budget of 3.1 million. Ritesh Batra the finest creator of short movies himself writes and directs this finest story. Batra was Inspired by the famous lunchbox delivery system of Mumbai. While researching, he came up with the idea of creating a movie after knowing many interesting personal stories on the concerned topic. This beautiful piece is honored for various individual and team awards like Filmfare critics awards for best film, supporting actor, Asian film awards for best screenplay, Best actor, and many more. The running time of 105 minutes showcases a well old-fashioned romance escaping today’s cyber world which transforms two unhappy souls back to life-giving a new hope.


 The lunchbox iconic actor Irrfan Khan and his great career of struggle to success will forever stay in the heart of Viewers not only in Bollywood but in Hollywood too. Ensembled for his strong personality among millions of fans his own personal story will always inspire people to bring out their extraordinary story from ordinary lives.

Our words cannot express how grateful are we to witness your brilliance.
We will always remember You.

2 thoughts on “Best of Irrfan Khan| The Lunchbox

    1. Yes, He was a great actor. Fortunately, we still have a lot of his beautiful piece to follow in upcoming days!
      The Namesake I think I should try that movie.
      Glad there’s is so much great movies. Without it the lock-down days would have gone way more harder.
      Thanks for sharing your thought Michelle Didi!


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