My perspective on lockdown

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Life was going in hyper-speed: get up, get dressed, grab a coffee, work all day and come back home tired. I was a perfectly computerized human with a bench full of a task to accomplish. Very much little time to connect with myself.

Yes, I needed time to stay down with nothing to do and just relax.
But I never thought Lockdown days will get me all sorted.

It’s strange how COVID-19 has changed our daily lifestyle courses in just a couple of moments. And here I am at home, No more business offer calls to make. Now, I am doing things that I always wanted to- which were long forgotten due to daily busyness. I am Blogging, watching series, movies, clicking unperfect shots, and at the same time arguing with a big brother just to get beaten up. New memories with family are here to make. Mom is revealing everyone’s childhood stupidity by which all are a bit shake. But that’s good.

We are happy here. Why not even in this height of the pandemic,
our family has been healthy and active. Like everyone, we stayed down at house to delay the end of this beautiful life which is never enough. A life that always feels like you’ve just started. I only feel sorry for those who didn’t have much time to share with family due to this global pandemic.

The whole world out there and here we’ve to settle ourselves in small space. Safe and sounded here I am. But sometimes I question myself. Is that all? Is that enough?

It’s almost a month of lockdown in Nepal. And how can we forget?
Beside staying down in the house there’s another side of life where things are exciting and overwhelming. The complete world is there to discover and to your dreams, you gotta give it a cover. Lockdown doesn’t settle up all things. The past old days of happy moments are cool. But simply not enough to rejuvenate for whole life. You are meant to brew more and more. We are never meant to be satisfied.
If we are satisfied with life what the purpose of living.

As of the current moment, I can do nothing. All those trekking plans, the new aim of exploring Nepal froze before I even dream. I am laying down on my rectangular sized room which feels like a trap and bounded. Now I realize all those well-fantasized days I used to dream before were just a couple of moments of relaxation. Because that’s the life you need to go through the high pace, speed and don’t settle anywhere for long before you lose your passion.

I think it’s time for us to take a long breath. We should think about days after lockdown maybe plans and all. The days right now are more relaxing. But we need to know road after this lockdown is gonna be slightly more challenging. These lockdown days are appreciated but couldn’t wait to have a new start.

May this lockdown gives you motivation, power, Courage to cope with future Journey.

I hope you are having happy Quarantine days.
Take care.
Stay home
Together we will win COVID-19 battle.


3 thoughts on “My perspective on lockdown

  1. I agree that being forced by the lockdown to take time for a breath has had benefits. I had to get off my “hamster wheel” and it has been a good thing to do. Now that we are just starting to open up here a little bit I will review if i need to get back onto that wheel again or maybe I can modify it to a slower wheel.

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    1. Yes,
      Definitely, I will also do the same.
      As the Quarantine days are getting a bit more strict as COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day in Nepal.
      Let’s hope for betterment.
      Thanks for sharing your thought, Anne
      I hope you are safe. Take care. And Best wishes for your future days.

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