Nepalese New year in lockdown.

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In the first flush of the morning, the country celebrates the new year (Bikram Sambat) playing the national anthem. It was a special day while the citizen of the whole country sings national anthem from their home and welcomes the New year amid global lockdown.

It’s 21 days of the strict quarantine in Nepal. And all celebration events in New year which used to bustle the roads of Kathmandu with laughter and smile are deserted with unease and fear. Coronavirus played a drastic role in the sudden changing of lifestyle. And we all have adapted to our new normal way of life.

Most Nepalese residents followed administration advice to remain indoors. But, Peoples found small means of happiness in this Scary time. The family realized their traditional values to stay down at a home with their member creating beautiful memories. The social distancing may have distance people while technology connects to share happiness and sorrow in these difficult times. The Outside maybe toxic and unhealthy but people share nutritious food to cope with upcoming challenges.

 It is a different year. Why not in the gap of 5, 6 years. Our family gets a chance to be together. As foreign education and employment seem to separate the member of the family for their betterment. Thanks to lockdown here we are, together down in the same room creating moments that might rejuvenate old times while we are far home.

Yes, no amount of money or success can take place of time spend with your family!

May this new year lead all the people to a healthy Lifestyle filtering out coronavirus negative impacts. This whole month was emotional due to lockdown. I hope this new year nourishes the people to cope with the rest of the difficult days.



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