Lock-down| Positive and Ignored Impact on Life.

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After Wuhan being an epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in late December.
China Implements strict Lockdown measures From 22 January.  The whole World steps on to Control the Global Pandemic situation. Italy Lockdown from March 10, U.K Closes down the city on March 23. Late response From U.S.A cost them a lot of Lives but install solid measures From Jan 20. Neighbouring Of Europe Epicenter Spain On march 14. And India went to Whole Citizen Curfew on March 24 followed by Nepal on March 25.  It’s safe to say the third of the global population is in Problems.  For the betterment Of people, Strick’s measures are on. And Here, we are adapting to a new way of our Life.

 But it’s issues and problems can’t be overlooked.

Day or two in isolation might be OK, but months without getting out of the house. Stress Certainly builds up in anyone. Strict Lockdown has affected people mentally, and their Physical Body. More than 1.7 million infected and no contact with their families makes life even more difficult. People who work from home are very least. Comparing to people shut down at home without any Financial help. And How can we ignore a mass population where people need to work daily basis. To feed herself, look after the whole family and take care of medical issues. It’s Obvious, residents will face food shortages and groceries to meet increased demand. With Upsetting shortage of medical kits to look after everyone.



In shock, Animal Life has a Different impact.
When we moved out- they moved in. Yes, machinery noise damages us and our minds. Whereas in this Global Lockdown, Bird cheers and mummer all around. We see mountain goats in wales moving in. While wild boar invade in Barcelona to rule over the road. World animal park is Blank without tourists. Visitors who used to feed animals are unreachable. In-result Deers in a Japanese city are forced to roam in the search of the food.
Danger doesn’t end over there. When People who used to protect their habitat are no longer able to go outdoors. The risk of Animal trafficking will rise over the night leading lifestyle to a particular danger.

Online crimes are in the heights amid CoronaVirus.
Yes, Some areas have already recorded physical crime drop by 20% over the month. But Online violation and fraud are quick enough to take over that place.
Cybersecurity agencies in the U.K and U.S.A have warned a great number of Criminals using the Internet and are trying to exploit Outbreak for their Own gain. Hackers are using ranges Of tools to trick people into Billing information or downloading malicious software. With examples Of scams Including email which appears to Come from Director of General WHO.


Whereas, Prisoner’s Life rely on Judicial Mercy.
It is having prison -cut funding, decrease quality in food. Which has Lead sentenced prisoners to conduct a hunger strike all over the world. Iraqi prison authorities say inmates area also planning a jailbreak. While Prisons in Colombia, Chad, Brazil have already experience riot and jailbreak. In this problem, Democratic Countries like the USA and western Europe responds by releasing some nonviolent and elderly inmates to carry over their life. Authorities believe It Saved People’s life and money in the global economic crisis. But it doesn’t end here While the other world is scare of an inmate. They believe a lot of diseases out there in prison might get out infecting everyone as well.



Meanwhile in Nepal, Where the majority of people die from influenza and cold virus. Almost escape the worst of the coronavirus itself. But expert fears spread will grow fast as it’s shares borders to China and India. Nepal which is most dependent on tourism has canceled its Biggest Tourism Project “Visit Nepal 2020”. And now Visitors are stuck in foreign countries With little aid from the governments. Nepal is expecting to extend the lockdown to two more weeks and announced an economic relief package. In the meantime, we cannot ignore Animal Life in the country. Where hundreds of street dogs rely on Human beings for daily consumption are Starving down due to Country Lockdown. And Tension begins on Wildlife with animals afraid of trafficking.



So, What’s the Solution?

I can say nothing new. For me,
We all are the biggest weapon to fight against this Global Problem. The Lockdown lasts creating a hard time for us. But it’s a necessary process for everyone.
All we have to do is to accommodate small changes in our lives to stop the spread. And in the coming days, we will proud ourselves for sacrificing small things because we had the Vision to see Good-coming. Later, We can hold our head high as we make the decision that was not only for our own and family Safety. But For the country, We love not because it is Beautiful. Because it is our very own.

Like everyone, I have got you some tips.
Here are my Three fun things to do at home During Lockdown.

— Sightseeing In Virtual World (Airpano)
— Learn a foreign language on your own from home!
— Listen to the podcast!

We’ll win the COVID-19 battle!
# I_stay_at_Home

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