Kakani, Nepal | Rural and Natural

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Kakani, Nuwakot
is the finest Creation of Nature. The breathtaking mountain views to Heart touching scenery. It is a complete package for discovering untouched beauty unexplainable through words. Yes, Humans are hard-wired to love and natural Exposure. And guess what! Kakani bridges you to Nature, takes you through a journey of peace. Relax, While to all your difficulties nature heals.

Tired of daily noisy stressful life in a chaotic atmosphere Of Kathmandu?

This place is a perfect escape for you!
Here, it goes my time uncovering Village Kakani.

It was Cold December. Far twenty-five kilometer from Kathmandu. We begin Our ride through Workplace, Excel IT solutions, Kalimati. Our journey follows an uninterrupted view of mountain ranges. Passing Stunning landscape of terrace farming and heart touching scenery.  One and half hour after a bumpy ride. We reach the destination. And Dusted Kathmandu was long forgotten.

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After some rest, we headed Kakani View, Memorial Park. Park is beautiful and a great place to watch the sunset. It provides Exotic Views and the most popular destination for a picnic. There is a rock-climbing wall, but it’s not in very good condition. Another park is Thai Memorial Park. Park was built to honor the 113 victims of the 1992 Thai Airlines crash near the Gosainkunda cliff. They decided to set up the memorial there where people could visit since the mountains are too hard to reach. It’s beautiful. More to know you can also enjoy the delicacies of local dishes. Famous for its strawberry farming by local farmers. It’s produced one of the sweetest strawberries in the country. And Trout Fish accompanied by Strawberry wine is not miss items while your times in Kakani.

We stayed in Himalayan View Resort for the Night. And Guess What resort stands on its name. It’s peaceful, pretty location, set high on a hill gives you a charming view of the Mountains skyline from the Annapurna to Everest. Plus tasty Thakali food is enough for you to stay down in the table all night and feel Highness of Mountains.

How can I Forget the Campfire?
Thanks to Host they provided us good space for big-fire.
The piles of flaming sticks burned warm generating heat and BBQ. Together we sang Unperfect song which took its own tune. And outside there’s windy, dark sky allowing to see the stars in Clearnights. We had conversation recounting day adventure, dreams, and legends. Everyone talk big alongside warm fire and everything was Quiet attainable at those time. Slowly night passes by and one by one every people goes to bed. And warm sleep in peace environment until morning it gets.

The next morning we visited near Monastery (Gumba). And after stomach-full of Lunch. we headed back to our Place. A Fresh mind, enlighten soul ready to deal with further struggle and Stress.

Damn, Nature is healer, it consumes your stress and gives you peace. This place provides you almost everything. If you are Outdoorily person you can hike around Kakani as it is a major gateway for hiking and mountain biking routes in neighboring Shivapuri National Park. This place in Nuwakot is worth visiting once in your lifetime. It took me one step closer to the Himalayas. While the rest of Nepal Beauty and Magnificence waits.

This whole God damn life is worth to see Beauty it Unfolds.


(Thanks to Michelle from Full Time Explorer.
Also, Visit her Blog Kakani Nepal: Village Guide and Photography).

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