Ongoing Rock Culture In Thamel – Purple Haze

The beat was going strong, playing my favorite song. And I could tell it wouldn’t be long till he was with me, Yeah me. Singing I love rock and roll.

Purple Haze Rock Bar in Thamel is the best thing ever happened to Rock and Roll Nepal. Since 2012 Purple Haze buzz old Rock and Roll music in Thamel. With Band performing a mixture of world top, 40 and Hard Rock. This live music in Thamel keeps Rock and Roll alive With its Rockability which is getting dimmer in Todays Context.
Here, Visitors try to overcome from Heavy stress of the week accompanied by the traveler from the world in search Of Good music.

Purple Haze at it’s Best.

Home to Hard rock, punk, metal and independent music scene. Everyday New Bands in rock scene test their mettle at this haven continuing their journey of struggle to success. The journey where today’s famous Rock Band UNDERSIDE, COBWEB, STRINGS walked through.

So, Let me take you to the home of the Ongoing Rock scenario in Nepal.
In the cobbled street of Thamel. Road to Purple Haze is accompanied by a staircase which leads you to Noisy, Happening place. Purple Haze comes up with a big stage and Hall with open space for headbanging. Walls dripping with memorabilia are covered in stickers with bits of art. Decorated in String lights with a random bar at the side with bartenders, putting extra care to make your day.

Starting from soft rock to Heavy metal these dudes are insane. Sacrificing their body and soul to make Your day. And the presence of Nepali Legend From Rock and Roll scenario all the way from Shadows Band makes your Day. The Simple Visit takes the Form of Long term Memory Over here.


Shadows Vocalist Swapnil Sharma Co-Founder Of Purple Haze and I.

Specially Events of Purple Haze isn’t meant to be missed. Throughout the years Purple Haze has successfully organized most of the best Local and International Events. The death metal from India to the extreme from China, and Europe’s fascinating artists. All bands gather here for one reason continuing Rock culture in World and Kathmandu, Thamel as well. The entry fee in the special Event comes costly than daily Rock and Roll feed. But band Up the stage and rockheads side by your side and the entertainment, Music Justifies the Price.

Chris adler in Haze
Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler in Purple Haze

The saddest part of the bar is it’s only open till 12:00 am. When a performer has just only begun to take their groove and sings all songs you like. It’s time to close, you head towards your place where some parts are brighter, Darker and sometimes get even Creepier in Thamel. But it is Quietly Understandable we cannot always look it From a business perspective. There is another part of life where the elderly and normal people try to sleep. But Do not need to worry.
Till 12 Beer and rock music make you chill out and rejuvenate from the stress of the week.

Streets Of THAMEL

If you want to relive the era of Golde age of music. Purple Haze in Thamel is can’t-miss bars in Kathmandu. Its history as a rock institution and current role in the live music scene make it the ideal spot for music fans. And In the top Haze Offers A Great Mix of Entertainment & Excellent Food at A Reasonable Price.


Let’s Continue Rock’s journey together and not say Rock and Roll’s dead. There’s always gonna be rock and roll bands, there’s always gonna be kids that love rock and roll records, and there’s always gonna be rock and roll.

Some days You Rock, Some days you Roll
But life better when you Rock and Roll.

Rock and RoLl
Rock and Roll Forever.

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