Italian Food In Thamel.

With hundreds of tourists from all over the World in Nepal. This country embeds the best qualities of worldly foods in small alleys of Thamel, Kathmandu. Here in Capital, Far from Italy 6979 km away in Highlands of the mountains which shares the same geographical and climatic situation. Lies Busy Italian restaurant in Thamel driven by its simplicity of food,  Focused on quality ingredients with a gentle twist of Nepali Fusion. Thanks to my brother and his Italian friend (Battistina) I got a chance to experience the typical Italian food In Kathmandu, Nepal.
So, Here it’s goes my journey of discovering a little Sicily with Italian cuisine in the busy streets of Thamel.


Fire and Ice restaurant In Thamel, Kathmandu

The nights were dark as usual and it was the 14th of Feb. Brothers call me in the night and ask me to join the night dinner session. Who could just deny him? I don’t know how the energy aroused in me in the dizzy, cold night and made me dress-up for the dinner. I walked down cobbled streets of Thamel Full of people mummering, live music in the background and come across a busy restaurant Fire and Ice pizzeria. This place has a gentle hum in the atmosphere as you hear a murmur of satisfied eaters. Pictures hanging on the wall just add a little bit of punch to see ancient Italy in a Peaceful manner somewhere in Southern Asia.
Battistina keeps explaining about hanging pictures and yes it seems to have an interesting history. But for me, it was like another scene and Picture of the movie Godfather. Myan, I love this movie.

Battistina in the Left and Prakash Dai in Right.

Now it’s time. The main reason Why we were here. Battistini Orders some Pizzas for the evening. And I and my brother just keep looking at Each other watching her order some foods. Because these two Nepalese Guys don’t have any bit of ideas about Italian Food. It’s different not like your regular “Dal and Bhat”.
Even if this desperate heart wanted to help her but  I kept my silence.
And Guess what Battistini ordered some Pizza with lasagna which turned out perfect for the evening. Pizza’s dough was freshly made and the crust tastes damn good with Topping over it makes your day.  Why not as Italian believes  “Fresh ingredients make A lot of difference to the taste of food” And the lasagna, The sauce is flavorful and slightly spicy and there is plenty of ricotta cheese giving it a creamy texture.

Pizza’s with Lasagna!

The best part of this Italian pizza Restaurant in Thamel was You can always watch your food being made in front of your eyes. You know My stomach was full before I came down to this place but still, this body manages some Pizzas. Why not if it’s made up so good even this full stomach, body, and mind can’t refuse. That’s the moment I realize Italians are not only passionate about Football but also with their enrich food. 4th time World champions Deserve my 4 stars Out Of 5.

So Early,  Goods moments Pass by. With the Bit of Talk, It comes to an end. We asked the manager about the establishment of a restaurant and we found Fire and Ice Kathmandu first opened its doors in  Nepal in January 1995. He said Restaurant immediately gained popularity amongst travelers, climbers and local residents for enjoying a morning cup of Italian espresso, or later in the day. Visitors shares stories and travel tales with friends with delicious pizzas, pasta, organic salads, desserts, whilst Italian music and Opera play in the background. Besides most of his restaurant talk, he was more interested to have a talk about football In Italy. Says he is the big Juventus so did I compete with him saying I was Roma Fan “We the Loyal One”. That’s a fierce competitor trying to Compete every time. And rest you know Nepalese talk on Football never ends. Somehow we managed a gap and headed back to our place.

Inside Fire and Ice Restaurant.

Damn, It was my first time experiencing Italian cuisine. This memory will last forever in me. The visit to this place encourages me to discover more about Italy. Fire and Ice Pizzeria Kathmandu is definitely a perfect place to be. Strongly recommended!


I tried to write this experience very early but the work and laziness always seem to schedule the writing. But now it’s time for self-Quarantine due to the danger of COVID-19 (Corona Virus)  in Nepal. This mind tries to transform those experiences in Words so it can reach people and be a memory for me.

I know the world is in amid danger of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) and Italy seems to be mostly infected by it. Day to Day news about the health condition in Italy is very depressing and very much sad to hear. But nothing we can do than praying for the fellow citizen of Italy. In fact, we need to isolate ourselves here in Nepal as well. Everyone knows the precaution Drills. You just have to stay at home and Just start eating pasta, Pizzas and all of the problems will just go away in mean times.

COVID-19 Infographics.

And surely One day I will definitely explore Italy’s famous worlds of art, architecture, fashion, opera, literature, design, film and the historic streets.

“You may have the universe, If I may have Italy” – Giuseppe Verdi

Till then

Addio! A presto


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