Three Days In Train| Travel Diaries

As, Nepal doesn’t have the vast majority of Railway transportation. My vision traveling in the train were only limited in movies. Most of Bollywood Movies I watched created fascinating art to see the snake-like passenger box approached in high speed cheering the atmosphere choo-choo,  chuff-chuff.  Indeed for me, I needed to bring all those virtual delightness into real life. So, Journey towards Puttaparthi Andra Pradesh India was just an excuse to witness the divinity and at the top of that to experience Railways. 

We traveled for a day from Nepal, crossed border and finally reached hot atmosphere of Gorakhpur( The world of Railways). As this imaginative world was slowly becoming reality. My smile was ever widening and more cheerful than usual as every second passed by. Even the tracks of train without any machine movement was more fun to watch and witness on our way to Railway station. And after long unslept days finally we observed the real train world escaping virtual movies well captured shots. The best part of reality is it is raw and unfiltered. I set my foot on Train and comfortably sat in passenger seat. We were on our way.

Proudly I say that I was raised watching Shahrukh khan movies. And yes, My views on travelling railway were completely like his movie, Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge. I was so absorbed in DDLJ famous movie scene that I had made up my mind. If Some Beautiful Lady will Miss the Train by an inch. I would risk everything to snatch her hand no matter how speedy the moving train gets. And pull her into Train like Shahrukh khan did in cinemas. No matter how much pain this skinny body can bear. I would give my would give my all strength. Because at the end of the day how much unheroistic you look. You always wanna be like Shahrukh khan.
BUT, Coming back to reality. It’s completely different. The kind of a hype the movies create is unreachable. Simply you never met. But that’s fine.


largeIn Real not the single Girl Miss her train.
Inspite those who miss the Trains were the Indian Boys. So, There’s No reason to be hero in that moment better Grab your sit and sit gently. Luckily, I Got Something to Hold the soft like Cotton, Clean and smooth. It was the Heavy suitcases. Then I said to Myself ” Better Luck Next Time”.

going-on-a-long-journey-expectations-rvcj-www-rvcj-com-9324881 It isn’t always the girls who fills your travel with a bit drama and adventure. Some other’s India scenery as well makes your days more memorable and simply unforgettable. The Villain amongst the normal one, the mafias of train “Seat Hoggers”. Myan! You should be Tough Enough to Get your seat. As the Population of India is dense. And Railways are most prefer Transportation. Better be Solid man and defend your very own costed seat. Not everyone but some peoples try to seize your place tending as that seat were theirs. Simply Not cool. Then the Hero of the Train T.T(Ticket examiner) arrives. In Rajnikant style all those seat hoggers are punished and all innocent seat owners are justified. “T.T Rocks”.

If you exclude the burning climate of India and it’s hot dry wind that blows across the direction you are seated. India railway also give you the chance to witness some real cool things and some dark parts which now is normal for people residing with 1,387,297,452 population.
Here I have pointed out Five Things That every Travelers Witness In India.

Spiritual India:-

d99e4b4dc2   India is the land of spirituality and it boasts of a rich spiritual lineage. It is home to many divine souls, saints, yogis and gurus who all through their deification powers have unraveled many dominant truths about the universe. You can Find Yogis Meditating and Brahmins Chanting Veda In morning. I too witnessed Group of People singing bhajans in the early Morning Praying bhagawan for their safe travel.

Packed Food Delivery:

Rail-food-300x225   In hot climate of India. Even he finest one will turn sleepy and Tired. We were Powerless to get out and to get food outside. And it too risk to roam in the stations. As we have one saying in Nepal. “Be aware and don’t miss train, Otherwise you will return Nepal when your little brother far away in his Honeymoon”. Then the Food seller arrives. With their varieties of tastier food in their hand. Then this body gets something eat and get filled with energies for your Upcoming travelling days in train.

The Beauty Of India:-


Rustic Views of the Countryside Make your travel even more joyful. Travelling from train is a coverage package of all beautiful scenarios of India. Sometimes your Eye gets blessed to see and experience it all at once. The crowded country where Everyone are busy on their Daily life. Amazing greeneries, plethora of water bodies, stunning curves and the magnificent Sahyadris join hands to make this one of the most sought after train travel experience for any railway enthusiast in India. Even the Worst Cameraman Man gets the Perfect Click Here in India



Around 360 Millions people around the whole country lives below the poverty line in India. The side of the railways is Surrounded by the poor people. Sleeping with one thin bed-sheet were children’s are playing in the Train track. Trains pass by every ten or twenty minutes, just a foot away from the makeshift shelters. It’s likely that someone will get hit by a train. Due to the lack of permanent homes and the ever increasing cost of living in the city, these people made makeshift homes beside the railway tracks, ignoring all adversities.

Railway World:-

1660312414847919482111533718873975874995905n62625  Railways is one of the most preferred Transportation around the country. India is the World of Railways. Every Minutes passes and at the same time Train Passers by. Gorakhpur railway station is the most busiest railways around the world with tons of traveler travelling and tons of Rails Heading towards all the Traveler Destinations.

After Three days of traveling in Train. Even the excited one traveler escapes the excitement and it really feels like hell. Finally after three long longs we met New Peoples, New Lifestyles, Climate, Food and Reached Puttaparthi, Bangalore  from Gorakhpur. And the rest Experiences  were Just unforgettable.

So These are my experience away from Virtual certainties. I hope you enjoy!
Till Next time Bye and don’t forget to Like comment follow!
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3 thoughts on “Three Days In Train| Travel Diaries

  1. Nice narrative! Being an Indian myself, I couldn’t help but agree with most of the stuff that you have written here, including the extremely long journey, the seat hoggers and the food. Although my longest train journey has been 32 hrs. How the hell did you survive 3 days?! Hats off! 😅☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It goes without realizing when you have good company around and dashing views outside the train.

      Hats off to you for reading whole blog otherwise
      Many people leave the blog train before reaching the platform.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah… That’s true!

        Oh… You are very welcome indeed! And yeah, I am not that kinda person. I’ll definitely reach the destination once I’m on it. 😊✌️

        Liked by 1 person

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