Basketball Diaries (Nainital)

Wherever you go to forget daily lifestyle burdens infact to do really different from daily life. You might climb Himalayas, Might run in Desert, slip your shoes in the Rainy weather, wherever you are. Some part of your Habit doesn’t changes. Habit which is more than Habit now a kind Of Addiction (not that type of drugs, DON’T STARE) those things never leave us even if you try to hide from its every Aura. Kind of a Magnetic force attracts you to it’s location. It’s Just Grab you. This part of my addiction is Basketball.

It’s been almost half of the month now but it’s memories Still hunts me, still calls me, cliffs still hauls me.
The road started from Capital (Kathmandu) Where i had to go my village to get my citizenship card (Yeah! Can Proudly say I am Nepali Now!). After all the struggle at my village to get citizenship. My mama (Maternal Uncle) calls me and my mother to visit the beautiful Himalayas in India (Nainital, Uttarakhand). Could anyone refuse this Offer?
My Mom had emotional Attachment in Nainital cause it reminds her of the alleys where her Childhood Reside. I didn’t tell my mom but deep inside i was deeply attached to the location because After one hour drive from Nainital Comes Ranikhet (My Birth place).

We started our journey from Hot land of terai In early morning towards the cool weather of Himalayas. Kailali-Kanchanpur-Mahendranagar-Haldwani-Nainitaal. I could see my mom eyes, Eye said every cliff she pass reminds of her childhood where she had beautiful moment. Mama! I’m coming home (Ozzy Osbourne) in background. Finally we reach safely to Mama house (Thanks to everyone who helped us on the road).

Night taal

I’m walking in Mall road someone shoots the deep 3 pointer. Myan! This can’t be not here I am here to travel. Somehow i  tried to press the desperate desire to play basketball.  Yeah! I did for maybe 28 hrs. Then this heart said Gather some new experience brother and Nike Shoes in my foot slogan said “Just Do it”. Now who else could Stop me. I was all over it. Wake up early in the morning. Have some breakfast and go to the ground. Play it and  in Evening visit the beauty of Himalayas.


Everything was going fine until one day. Yeah That one day that F******g One day! They didn’t let me play saying that we had our own team bro. No place for you. That hurled not completely but it Hurt. Wonder all around the ground the whole day but they did’t let me didn’t let me play. Okay fine! It’s your day today but the next day you’ll see.
The next day was kind the challenge for myself. I’m gonna be there before they will arrive and had to dribble it out to show them this breed isn’t meant to be out of court. They gathered one by one until the ground filled and called out everyone to ball. What they did! Push me out once again telling we locals have our own team. You count with other non-basketball players. Counted till the night Next team come and goes but I was still there bored and slowly groaned. That day was a bad day for me. Went to the shelter without any Field Goal.
Next day! The chances was pretty low to play but hands were on fire like the Klay. Went to play ball pretty quick than everyone to play. This time they showed than Humanity still exists. Called me to play then The game begin. Swing- Drive-Kickout-Shoot Again Swing-Drive-Kickout-Shoot. The opponent reached 10-0 without single touch from me. Myan! This wasn’t i wanted, The things going Opposite if this continues you ain’t getting any chance tomorrow to play. Then someone had to open the score then they passed ball to me. I looked I looked Come on Drive yeah I can do that but when i was about to dribble one of my team says Bhos***e pass dena. I passed yeah I passed. He went and score, disappointing for me but things to admire was it was an assist for me. In the end of the game two jumpers by me. SO there’s was a little hope for me to get drafted the next day to play game.

At night Mom discussed to Mama that we were spending there only 1 day tomorrow. We have to go there some unfinished business in Home. It was sad but had my 1 day to prove Nainitalian hoppers that the kid that wore Nike shoes isn’t going to disappoint you people with his game. I went at evening with all energy that I had stored the all day. And glance one look at my Shoes the Slogan

“Just Do it”

One jab at right Drive finish in the rim, One crossover and finish in the rim, Hesitation cross drive, One dribble Jumper and many more. How much point did i score you guys think?2 yeah 2 all attempt were worth trying so they passed me the ball next time.


The beautiful part of visit to Nainital wasn’t that i scored the point there The most beautiful part for me was I fight all the day to get my respect back. The beautiful part was to make them realize that game speak better than Your words. I was silent when they didn’t let me play there I didn’t complain but in the last day they figure it out this kid from Nepal was not easily let things go. Respect and love to  all the Hooper’s from Nainital who teach me alot of new things in Basketball. Isolation matters when you are on Good Form! Otherwise It’s Just a shitty play.


The day i leaved Nainital I didn’t left with the empty hands but a package full of experience which will be with me Forever Long. I miss this place , it’s air, it’s local, it’s …….. everything!
  # love you Nainital!

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