Types Of People In Rock Concert

Concert. Gathering in the venue. “Don’t be scare of Any faggots We got gang the place is ours” is the only thing buzzing mostly in the gangs. I don’t mean everyone are like that but in my experiences I have noticed in most of the rock concert. Rock concert is the place to know all the peoples character. Today, In this blog I would like to share some of the experiences about people in Rock Concerts.

  •             Unpaid Volunteers

One things that pissed off every Metal-heads are the volunteers. Whenever peoples are enjoying then some drunk volunteers mixes and begins to say “Guys!! No Fight Only Head-bangs” HUH! Why you are being over-smart We are just enjoying. All Volunteers are not like that but some are really focused in their jobs. Whatever Respects for Volunteers.

  •           Disciplined MetalHeads

One things that I like about. Ever Seen Disciplined Metal-heads ??Well I am lucky in these things. Yes, I witnessed One metal-head sitting at the side of the crowd and banging his head to the music. That’s What the peace is. Wow!!

  •          Public Artists

very much Fascinating to see the person in the crowds who has very good knowledge of music. They just listen the music and try to use those notes in their empty hand. True passion for music but somebody’s are Flop on doing that tooo.

  •        Lost Metal-heads

Watching somebody completely lost in the music seems Amazing. But too much lost is not beneficial for your head. Some peoples are totally loose their body in music that they don’t know where they are and crash with some other guys and we all know what happens next FIGHTS.

  •      Leaders

From the simple guys to the Don’s leader of locality attends the street festival. But Leaders have their own Reputation in the concert where they were surrounded by some of their followers  and enjoy himself by sitting in arms of their friends.

  •                Metal-heads with Girlfriends

Persons who are unable to enjoy the concert and had to guard their girls are most poorest ones in concert. Seems like They are bounded from their rights. Need to take care of the girls where the lady is completely lost in the Music.

So, These are the types of Metal heads which i have witnessed in my entire Metal-concerts. I am not against any persons. I would like to apologize if anyone are hurt of this post However my blog address 3, 4  Views. Soo, Keep On rocking!




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