“First day at PRIME Basketball ” Day-1

Since I played basketball in my school days I think when I was 11 or 10 years old. I heard about the Prime cup “The biggest basketball college level tournament in Nepal”  Since then it was like a dream for me to play basketball at Prime. Then after passing my S.E.E examination i decided to study in the college that i dream whole day and night for. As, I was the Two years Top scorer in my School in inter house games. I though that I can easily get place in to the team. And Then the Journey Begins.

First day in training at Prime.
As, per the advice of my fiend-bro”sanjog” I reached college sharp at 11:00 by bringing a ball and jersey of my old school “SPURS”. 2,3 tall players where there Shooting in the rim. I told myself who the hell can Beat me i am top scorer of my school team and everyone Used to amaze to see me play in the court.
Then captain (Paras Yonjan) asks me for my ball. Then AAfter dew moments the warups begins. Siddharth Dai (coach) arrived in the court and captain Informed him about one new player  from 11 is on c’ourt to play basketball .
Players Eye glistening saying “lets see what he has got”. Then it was a time for the  Lay-ups. What I did lay-up in styles by starting with around the waist,spin,power hub and many more. Coach attached his eyes on my Skills and response “Good one bhai (Brother) though he don’t know my name at that time. My skills were good but my shooting were not consistent. so, he suggest me to shoot Correctly by taking my time.
Next, it was the time for the pull-ups i was shy because i didn’t know how to Pull up in Hob and One-Two steps as  i had never learned it in my school All I cared in my school was fancy Dribbling and finishing. so coach Ordered me to be on side to watch how my senior does.
Who knew it was the day for the physical training then we suicide three – four times though. It was very painful day to remember I remember my Captain word ” bhai aba taw dasha lagya jasto bhayo hola hai” In Nepali which means brother did you feel this day as the worst day? because of this physical. and  coach replied “Did you feel so bhai”.
The day to be remember

DAY 2 IN NEXT BLOG..  “Thanking You” #AkashNepali_Blogs

9 thoughts on ““First day at PRIME Basketball ” Day-1

      1. Thanks to you for such quick replying. I guess you know about Indian cricket. Sure knowing about cool new cricketers will be amazing since it’s my favorite sport.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No worries
        We nepalese are deeply connected with Indian sports and Bollywood .
        we have large amount of Indian cricket supporter in Nepal as well.
        My personal best is MS Dhoni.
        What about Yours?


      3. Same. Dhoni is rumored to have retired. I hope he is not. The IPL is postponed due to this virus, so it is difficult to predict stuff. BTW Sandeep Lamichhane, a cricketer from Nepal is doing really well in IPL

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