“In The Mind Of Music Composer!”

“It’s very Important for the composer/Musicians to live in Another world. So, they can give the that world that other’s live on”- A.R Rahman.

Coming to the topic, We often praise singers who gives their song on that music but hardly of that composer who played with the word of lyricist and gave that lyrics/movie to the life by their passions. Whenever the song collects millions, the singer is most searched one on the google what about the composer’s. Don’t they do as hard work as they put on. I don’t know what gone through my mind that day that I began to search about the composers and collected the inspirational words from them to share in this blogging site. More than That It was my passion and love towards music which made me search.

Where and when does Tune comes from??

Music/Tune is somewhere Brewing. It doesn’t comes by giving you the appointment at this I will comes but In-fact it comes naturally in your mind. It doesn’t comes at the certain time at 3:00 AM/PM 12 AM/PM afternoon, Evening.

How musician’s develop the song?

Firstly, the Lyrisists comes from his writing. Whatever he writes he would have gone through that point. So, the job of composers is to live in the another world so they can give their world of music to them. So that’s how the music is develop.

How composers create different genres/language of music?

Musicians/composers have all the influences of whole world. Genres and different language of the music are different but the situations are very similar. Every Genres/language of the are done before but you just just need refresh it.

Does Music carries the film in Bollywood cinemas and music impact in films??

In Bollywood cinemas Every situation and most of the beauties carries the great impact in the film. The film is incomplete without the music in Bollywood cinemas. Music is a technical film. It is to satisfy the director to meet their demand. The challenging issues of the composers is the Time-span where the work of all entire crew is judge within showtime with competitive market. Composers Just enjoy the process and lives it in the hand of film workers. Yeah It’s true sometimes the soundtrack works beyond film.

The Different types of directors Composers deals with??

As, Previously said Music is a technical film. So directors want the best of best from composers as Music helps in advertisement, Promotions and Carries the film. There are three types of directors.One who sync with composer.These directors hep a lot in the development of music. The second who don’t know nothing about music but interfere’s. Those directors interfere for no reason saying music should be this and this ad this.And the third Most annoying one who know’s little about music but interfere’s are they have all the knowledge of all than composers.

Why Director’s don’t choose multiple composers in same movie?

As, Composers compose any song for the Movie. They becomes the part of the journey. They can understand different  scenes of the movies that they can work on effectively. The change in every music and the composers highly doesn’t gives sense as the creativity and mind of every person are different.

How is the relationship between the two composers?

The relationship between two composers are like the family. They visit each other studio and talks if they get chance to meet each other. Respect is the main element which balances the relationship between the two composers. Any community doesn’t gives you the respect unless you don’t respect each other.

Various Interviews of the Composers in YouTube had helped me work on this topic. I will drop the link in description below. I will try to help everyone who drops the comment with their questions regarding this topic.

— Thanking you.




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