Street Festival And Death Metal

“Street festival” The perfect place to let yourself free. Different types of people Joining the concert from different place. No tickets barrier, Only the music and the people enjoying it. You never know when you are gonna attend the concert. Totally Unplanned. I witnessed the street Festival in the occasion of Ghode jatra. From the Gloomy hot temperature the management team began to setup the stage in the middle of the road.

11_headbanger-tmagArticleWhen I was going to attend Practice session of Bhajan at Tahachal. I came to know from the persons discussion “Oh There’s Concert Going On”. My ears buzzed with their Words.  “We have to Rock Today”They were saying. I ignored the Concert Because My dress-up weren’t In the good condition to hangout around beautiful ladies there. So I pushed myself to the Bhajans in which i think I am Quiet Good AT. “Sing out all note properly, Feel the Bhajans , That’s Rough, Scale interruption” These were all the problems which I had been going on all day. Felt Quiet bad. Then at the dark evening I was heading towards home but suddenly the neon lights and beats attracted me towards the concert. Had already make-up my mind thinking I will stay couple of minutes here but I couln’t. Then after the boring performance arrived the death Metal Band “OLDSCREAM” Wow!! There band name made me scream “Yeah Dude”tumblr_static_5r5zvrgpqv8kcc8c4g0coc80k_640_v2

“Are you ready to Headbang”-OLDSCREAM Screamed. “Are you crazy, Do We look like a clown. Ofcourse We need to Bang” I replied to Inner me Who could reply them. who knows when those junkies Attitude changes. Shouldn’t take Risk. The name of the song is of “LAMB OF GOD” WOOOH!!! And that Music Pulled me from the last seat to the first one. Ahh!! What an Atmosphere. You are truly blessed if you are listening the underground Metal  Band of Nepal for free. Talents, Passion towards Music Truly Mesmerizing. I said “Who Cares What the Dress i have been wearing. I aint got to miss this Concert” And Mixed in that Atmosphere.

I need to say their Music Flashed Back my Old-Memories. I remember we used to plan 1 week before to attend the Street festivals Where My friends were Pro of searching Street Festivals Events. Death Metal is the perfect music for street festivals. As you can forget all your sadness, Guiltiness etc in the concert by Headbanging. Once in your life You should attend the Street festivals. You will automatically notice Who you are.

In my Next blog I will describe about the Types of people in street Festivals. Brawls, Friendship and other stuffs. See You




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