Basketball And Education

Quiet the stupid thing The one who failed the exam of account two days earlier is now explaining about the education. Peoples gonna say Savage enough let them say. “Education is the light of Success” Well said. Even Talents hardly pays off if you are hardly educated where there is no relation with it. I too used to think “How education have precious value in sports where you have nothing to do with it.” But Words of our college coach totally proved me wrong and my thoughts.

51b2003dd9ea7.image In U.S.A players are forced out to leave their dreams to make it to NBA due to education . Doesn’t means that they aren’t talented enough and high class player that they were unable to. To play in the biggest college basketball event you have to attend the class. If you don’t play the biggest basketball tournaments in college level then there is below 20% chance to get draft in NBA. Preety cool these Childhood stuffs will never leave us anywhere. Everything are linked with it. I came to read article “The Washington Post” that the Legendary basketball players like Michael Jordan and lebron James had Completed their Degree even after their Rookie-season. They equally support studies and basketball. All the NBA stars were good enough in their studies and basketball too that why they are living their dream.

Yes, This Mind diverts while we are trying to focus in our education. Every-times this around 16 centimeter mind thinks about Basketball, Basketbal and Basketball and wish to be around that beautiful court But If you want to live your dreams then you must focus in your studies. Nowadays, There are certain grades required for admission in the universities that means average graded players have least chance to play from High ranked universities Where basketball legends were Born. “Players just don’t understand if they do better in education that will help them to reach their dreams” Dialogue From “Hoop Dreams”   totally makes you change your mind.

Thanks to the movie “Hoops Dreams”  which made me think about this problem of every ballers.

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