Two Free Throws Cost 1st position

Final moment of the 1st greenfield cup 2074. The match was too much intense. Prime Point-guard Ejected from the game due to five fouls. Coach looked in the bench and said “Akash You are going On”. I was too scared to Play the match because my performance in the Greenfield cup wasn’t too Impressive. Prime 60- 61 Golden gate. Prime ball on possession 22 second left on game. Prime attacks but fails to score then I got rebound and i shoot and fouled by the Goldengate Player. Time-Out.

“Akash Take some water,Cool up your mind,this is the perfect time to show, I know you will score” “Do you need some more time then take it. Just don’t remember the crowd and take your shot that you have been taking in the college” Bench motivates and the Question was all in Crowd that will he score and Will he be Successful to Lift his team to the First Place of TOurnament? And The best moment of my Life. Crowd began to shout ooooohhhhohhh. My legs shivers because it was my life most intense shot. Deep breath-Release “dooong” Missed. Never mind Akash convert another one. “doong” Missed. and they got rebound. Tried to Attack in Transition but Fouled by me. And Nice foul Akash from my coach And I was shameful and got benched. And we lost the match.

All were disappointed from me but none one showed that disappointment to me and Console me. That was the tough two Shots that I am Never gonna Forget in my life. From That day That Certificates are hanging on my room and will not be removed If i don’t succeed to win that Tournament Again. That are the shots which will make me the better player.





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