Fake Top-Scorer

Oh! Akash is today’s match top scorer in match against the NIST school in NIST cup. “Akash, You gotta give us some treat”. “You gotta Frame it” These were the words from my teammate (brothers) which was buzzing in my ear after the match. The Rookie being Top scorer of the game With 9 Points.

Who will tell them about the truth that I wasn’t the top scorer in the game. Two of my teammates managed to scored more points than me but the officials had mistaken while writing the score-sheet. The moment before I watched the score-sheet. when,  I suddenly saw Akash Nepali at bottom of score-sheet. I feel like I am flying. But when I came to count up my scores then I found I wasn’t the right one / Right person.

It feels great to be the top scorer of the game but in Fair way. Think How it feels if you are being praised by someone on the work which you didint deserve but deserves the another person. It feels disappointing, guilty. I take this moment as the starting of my basketball career. Now I am not the same Akash anymore who is scared to dribble the ball afraid of getting turnovers. Now its not the same days anymore and I am going to be top scorer again But this time fairly.




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