“The Day Before Basketball Tournament”

Always feels great whenever we get the notice about the tournaments in training sessions. The perfect platform to show all our hard work and our dedication towards the game. The training and all players gets warmed up, The atmosphere of the college get a topic to discuss on and Players gets a lot to prove their hard work in the game. As, Our college don’t let us to play much more tournaments we had to be happy in the tournaments which are selected by the coach.
“Tomorrow is the match-day So, all of you be in time” The message in the Team group. It gives a sudden hope that i can perform well in this Tournaments. New energy strikes in your body whenever it’s game time. Practiced hard from the early 6:00 A.m in the cheering cold of winter thinking this would be my perfect chance to show my skills in tournament. Then suddenly my Brainstorms about my past tournaments. And the 0 point sticks in my mind. Where I played more than 4 games and was unable to score single point. “NO, this time it is not gonna repeat I am gonna perform well and win for my team”.

maxresdefault What i do before the tournaments days is. I work hard and work on my moves. My pull-ups and spot shooting. Then I watch some of the motivational videos of the basketball legends. Trust me that really fires you up and give some new and powerful energy. After working all of my Drills I stay right beside my mom “Mom Tomorrow is my game”  And my Mom replies ” OH, Son i believe you are going to perform well” That believe from my mom motivates me to give my best in the game. Filling  my diaries writing in this Tournament I am going to Rock”.


The day before game already decides your next day match. How you are going to perform? How you have set-up your mind and your strategies for the games? Day before game is very important like the match day. So, All the players should Get their-self motivated before the game day. Make sure you don’t lack any confident in the Pitch which your Opponent will take advantage of. And Next day Perform as per the strategies that you have made for the game.





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