“Two Worlds”- Hostel Diaries-1


Kathmandu, Nepal

It was the time of the evening, around 5:00 or 5:30 P.M. My mom was doing the regular work (Tibetan Flag) at home. Then my sister kick the chair and angrily My mom replies “Don’t damage that chair, It was gifted by Biswoo sir”. The Brainstorms in my mind about my hostel days in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur.

Stayed hostel from my early days when i was at 6 or 5 class. Maybe I was around 10 years at that time. Biswoo sir was very helpful person. though my studies was not going niceat that time in school and the fees of school were too expensive. He console my parents that he will take me to his college for my further studies and He promise that we shouldnt pay any amount of fees though he was our family very connected person. Then my parents  asked me and said to take decision yourself. I was like OH!! hostel. Watched movies seeing pople having many fun while readig in hostel. Then I said Mom I am excited to read.
Then the day comes to leave your parents. Had to leave SRI SATYA SAI KEDRA. It’s very hard to leave your parents. You’ll realize it when you had too. Then off to hostel many of the students side by me were crying, weeping and their mom too. Then reached typically new environment. The big building which was in under-construction ad at the side of our hostel the Reputed “GEMS” school. Day 1 managed my room and the staffs there advised me to take rest and recorded the name in the- register. Then the class starts the little number of students in class because it was new in town. After Completing the studies the huge line to take meal. Before meal the offering to Bhagawan By some Mantras. Then washing the plates. 3 (1)

One thing that i always witness in the hostel was the life of neighboring school. their students seems so chilled in their life. Their gathering to go swimming and when they arrives the whole town get noticed because of their unlimited bus services. When they return home after school. The traffic over there used to be very much huge. And us seeing them WOW!! They are so cool. But the teachers of “GEMS” school used to teach us in the Part time” At the evening they visit our schools to give some tutorials class. It was the great period of time where we used to learn many sorts of things from the reputed teachers of Nepal.




There’s are a lot of more things that I need to write down here. I don’t want to make this blog too long. SO, I would like to write my further diaries on the next blog. The most entertaining part of the part 2 bog is yet to come. “when i failed to run away from the hostels, Foreigners and me” and other interesting stuffs




#Two_worlds- Hostel_Diaries-1


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