Who Am I??

who am I??10-24-17.png

I never thought about this question. whenever i get asked by someone that the answer arrives ghastly before me from the persons standing side of me telling He is the youngest son of the family and my sounds says actively yes i am. Don’t you recognize me. Time goes very fast that i couldn’t imagine myself getting more than 15 years old.If yo have to move on in the life then firstly you have to know yourself. If you know yourself then this world is just the Small field of boundary where you can live your life as you have desired.
Really,Who am I?? The one kid whose 15 years is wasted in the lap of the parents. I forget my when identity when I remember the life of my brother at home. My brother life was getting too much confused. When everyone used to troll him for not completing the studies. Every-time he was compelled to listen the lot of Trash word from family.The society used to say “SEE THAT YONG FAGGOT LEFT THE STUDY AND NOW ROAMING AROUND HERE AND THERE SHAMELESS” But what was his fault. He was only living his life as he wanted to. And few months later He was compelled to leave town and to forced to travel India for the employment thinking he may learn what is life and the struggle.
I was very much sure from those time that if you have to stay in home and you wish to do something for your family then be economically active. But your Life doesn’t get anything from the colorful papers. These colorful currencies may buy every thing in life but not those thing that your heats wants.  “Study get employed i the big industries” by saying those words all the teeth of my granny has now been apart. This life is stabled in achieving something it doesn’t matters how much you read if you are unable t utilize it in a proper way. What will you do off those materials if you are unable to make it a complete package.

20170129090811643424 Thinking these things sometimes this hear this lets catch the train off Gorakhpur Express and travel where it takes.But this heart is scared if it could harm my family. I am confuse about my aim. Sometimes This heart says you should be a singer when i hear the melodious music then sometimes this heart says to be a basketball player when i flashes back all my hard-works in the game. Sometimes says be a Traveler when i see the videos of Marks wiens .







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