नागपञ्चमि Traditional Ritual To Worship Snakes In Nepal


 If you are Nepalese you must not but should be familiar about this day. Nepal, being the Hindu nation animals are closely related to God and most of the animals are worshipped as one of them. So, different kinds of animals such as Cow, Snake, elephant, dog, and even mischievous monkeys are worshipped here by running after them. Continue reading “नागपञ्चमि Traditional Ritual To Worship Snakes In Nepal”

Growing Around World Magnificence And It’s Incredible Heritage


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Its 47th day of lockdown in Nepal and every day are turning a bit lousier. We all are stuck in this rectangular sized room following daily drill EAT, SLEEP, REST, and REPEAT. Luckily, I’ve found my way out to escape this hyper boredom. A solution to recount my old golden and exciting childhood days. An unexpressed privilege of growing aside evergreen, exciting Nepal’s cultural and world magnificence.

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My perspective on lockdown


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Life was going in hyper-speed: get up, get dressed, grab a coffee, work all day and come back home tired. I was a perfectly computerized human with a bench full of a task to accomplish. Very much little time to connect with myself.

Yes, I needed time to stay down with nothing to do and just relax.
But I never thought Lockdown days will get me all sorted. Continue reading “My perspective on lockdown”

Kakani, Nepal | Rural and Natural


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Kakani, Nuwakot
is the finest Creation of Nature. The breathtaking mountain views to Heart touching scenery. It is a complete package for discovering untouched beauty unexplainable through words. Yes, Humans are hard-wired to love and natural Exposure. And guess what! Kakani bridges you to Nature, takes you through a journey of peace. Relax, While to all your difficulties nature heals.

Tired of daily noisy stressful life in a chaotic atmosphere Of Kathmandu?

This place is a perfect escape for you!
Here, it goes my time uncovering Village Kakani. Continue reading “Kakani, Nepal | Rural and Natural”

Italian Food In Thamel.


With hundreds of tourists from all over the World in Nepal. This country embeds the best qualities of worldly foods in small alleys of Thamel, Kathmandu. Here in Capital, Far from Italy 6979 km away in Highlands of the mountains which shares the same geographical and climatic situation. Lies Busy Italian restaurant in Thamel driven by its simplicity of food,  Focused on quality ingredients with a gentle twist of Nepali Fusion. Thanks to my brother and his Italian friend (Battistina) I got a chance to experience the typical Italian food In Kathmandu, Nepal.
So, Here it’s goes my journey of discovering a little Sicily with Italian cuisine in the busy streets of Thamel.
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Thanking You Kobe Bean Bryant


Dear Kobe,

From the moment I started dreaming of my High-school basketball. I knew one thing was real. The road is bumpy, Tough and isn’t easy at all. But I was Positive and glad that I got you. My journey was Grudgy, tired full and sweaty but the result was Delightful. They said pain is tough, hard to handle but You showed me pain as part of the joy. Continue reading “Thanking You Kobe Bean Bryant”

Three Days In Train| Travel Diaries


As, Nepal doesn’t have the vast majority of Railway transportation. My vision traveling in the train were only limited in movies. Most of Bollywood Movies I watched created fascinating art to see the snake-like passenger box approached in high speed cheering the atmosphere choo-choo,  chuff-chuff.  Indeed for me, I needed to bring all those virtual delightness into real life. So, Journey towards Puttaparthi Andra Pradesh India was just an excuse to witness the divinity and at the top of that to experience Railways.  Continue reading “Three Days In Train| Travel Diaries”

Iconic Journey From Small TV To Billion-Dollar Bollywood Industry| Sushant Singh Rajput

“Mental illness almost we all have read this term in this lockdown period. But In the case of mine, I never took it seriously. Why would I? In this fast pace of life, my chivalrous mind was always looking for some entertaining stuff every second and every time. We didn’t take this problem as important until a piece of heartbreaking news,  reality hits hard in your personal life.

In Nepal and India, up to now, we all are familiar with the unbelievable news of successful Bollywood 34 aged inspiration. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput found dead in his house in Mumbai which the police have confirmed that he has died by suicide, with no ‘note’ was found from his residence. Continue reading “Iconic Journey From Small TV To Billion-Dollar Bollywood Industry| Sushant Singh Rajput”

Origami: How to make Iris- Reblog

Just Today, I realize how much outdated I was to discover completely new Reblog option and it’s use.

So, Without wasting any time and Recording my very own Blogging discovery in golden characters. Here it goes my first Reblogged post.

Reblogged from Little Japan Dictionary,(折り紙: 菖蒲の作り方 – Origami: How to make Iris

(Little Japan Dictionary is one of my favorite websites: Author Ayamochi blogs so many wonderful, uplifting stories of wisdom and useful knowledge about Japan on everyday basis. Her blog are widespread culture of Japan, it’s tradition, lifestyles and histories little by little to understand actual Japan. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading her writing and all sorts of other things!)
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Inherited Superiority Costs 6 Unsought Dreams

It would be difficult to say Which aspect of Nepal is best known to the world. A country full of antiquities, home of the mystery, Or Birthplace of ‘Light of Asia who attained enlightenment and had a sense of awakening to build a peaceful, harmonious society.

But Beneath it’s Mask of beauty. Nepal hides its dark shadow and lives of the most wounded, isolated group of people which the nation constantly tries to ignore their discriminatory suffering. A disentangling story of family and their racial struggle, disowned, repressed, and rejected constantly by caste-based society.
Shockingly, Only a few are presented to the readers. Continue reading “Inherited Superiority Costs 6 Unsought Dreams”

A little story of Shiddicharan Shrestha|Poet of an Era

Every since I was small, A written form of expression always took me to another world, another time. The natural scenery intermingled beautifully in writing to flesh dwelling revolutionary poems against inequality. Literature was just more than loads of paper. Indeed, it was a mirror society that allowed us to better understand the country we live in.

The formation of a Nation costs hundred years of struggle and sacrifice. Like every other country in the world, Nepal has a long history of poets who have risen up against social and political oppression. Who stood up and wrote for peace, change, rights, and revolution which still keeps Nepal literature vibrant and evergreen. Continue reading “A little story of Shiddicharan Shrestha|Poet of an Era”